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This market is Cherry!

When I moved to San Diego for my first newspaper job, I fell into a group of super-talented staff writers who all lived together in a rambling house in La Jolla known as The Cherry House. Did it have a weeping cherry tree in the backyard? Nope. But when the realtor first showed them the house they would eventually rent over the next ten years or so, one of the guys exclaimed “This house is cherry.” The name stuck. And this time of year when the cherries start rolling in, both sour and sweet. I'm reminded of the fun times, deep discussions and summer bbqs that were had at The Cherry House.

Cherry. It's hard to even say the word aloud without smiling. A bowl of cherries on the kitchen counter paints a picture of summer and its promise of adventure.

Of course as a child, you can't beat eating them out of hand in your garden and spitting out the pits (sometimes competitively). But as we get to know our way around a kitchen, we realize how fantastic cherries taste when baked or stewed or...brandied! Try baked pitted cherries (20 minutes at 425º) in your next grilled cheese sandwich. Don't forget to drizzle the cherries with Arlotta Food Studio's unctuous balsamic vinegar first. Or make your own cherry jam to blend into your Greek yogurt or slather on to a piece of Bien Cuit toasted baguette.

A brandied Caradonna cherry will crank your Manhattan up a notch come the cooler months and even provide a much-needed whiff of summer. (Cue: Adirondack Rye from Springbrook Hollow Farm).

This week we are happy to introduce a new and unusual Beacon-based spirits business, Liquid Fables. Capitalizing on the canned-cocktail craze, Laura and Matt Green make farm-to-can cocktails inspired by the fables of our youth. Think: The Tortoise and the Hare (Unwavering vodka, lemon and mint cocktail) and The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse (Leisurely gin, blueberry, basil cocktail). Talk about a happy ending: Matt and Laura are both Chappaqua natives and were Horace Greeley sweethearts. Please give them a warm market welcome and pick up a collection of their spirit "stories."

Also in the good news department, La Trafila and Aya Hummus are now weekly vendors at the CFM!

Wondering what to do with all the squash you bought last Saturday? Try this bright, light and lemony risotto with summer-squash.

Fiddleheads Cooking Studio returns for the first time since pre-Covid times to get your kids excited about cooking. Fiddleheads Founder Renana Shvil will be showing your kids how to make salad dressing from scratch in small glass jars with lids. Half the fun will be using market veggies for dipping. There will be three different sessions of 20 minutes: 10:15-10:35; 10:45-11:10, & 11:20-11:45. Just sign up at the market tent. While you're there, you may as well pick up one of our cool new market bags.

I couldn't resist sharing this "view from the fields" video. Hard to believe this organic Katonah farm is barely ten miles from our market. Talk about hyper-local!

See you at the market!

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Unknown member
Aug 25, 2022

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