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These aren't your grandmother's beets

Fort Hill Farm is bringing crates of chioggia and golden beets this Saturday. Chioggias are whimsical beets that will surprise you when you slice them open with their gorgeous "candy cane" striping. They lose their striping when you cook them so it's nice to find recipes that use them raw. You do have to shave them very thin, however, to avoid a woody flavor. (With any luck, you had your knives sharpened last week).

This salad recipe showcases these beets' visual beauty. What's more, it calls for queso fresco which McGrath Cheese Co. happens to sell. Fresh mint is required and just about every produce vendor at the market has some right now. If you are not growing your own mint (tsk, tsk) this should be an automatic weekly market purchase during the summer months to spruce up your lemonade, iced tea, and most cocktails.

If you haven't tried your hand at pickling beets, this is the time. Because, well, you have the time, and you'll be so grateful when you are looking for ways to jazz up a salad to have them on hand. Throw in some crumbled goat cheese and pumpkin seeds and you've got the perfect salad. Here's an easy, classic recipe to get you started. I like that it calls for rice wine vinegar and tarragon.

Finley's Wildflower Honey is popping in as a guest vendor so if you are low on honey this is your chance to stock up. Also a great addition to iced tea, lemonade, and some cocktails – as in a Bee's Knees cocktail, made only more perfect by using Kas Spirits honey liqueur, also here this week. This was our wedding cocktail last September and has become our summer mainstay.

Finally, if the market combined with all this free time is inspiring you to become a better cook, consider taking classes with Marti Wolfson, are favorite demo chef and Chappaqua resident. Marti is offering a 10 percent discount to market shoppers for her online cooking classes. 

Sign up here

Discount code: 2761319

Her next class is on the 22nd of July and she will be making Turkish lamb kabobs, tahini sauce, fattoush salad, and grilled Halloumi. And, speaking of Middle Eastern fare, Selek is here this week with his super flavorful and herbaceous salads, baked falafel and his own tahini. Try his chickpea salad made with "overnight chickpeas" in tahini with hummus, fresh parsley, and a sour lemon sauce.

See you at the market!

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