Our mission

The Chappaqua Farmers Market

Now in our ninth season we continue our original mission of bringing food that is locally grown, raised or produced to our community. We strive to raise awareness of the importance of eating local for the sustainability of our planet. And we can't resist how good it all tastes!

Additionally, at a time when most of our lives are spent on a screen, we see the market as a local gathering place, a “town square” as it were, where people can put down their devices and simply relax, enjoy some music and engage in neighborly conversation.

We are pleased that our market has become a magnet, drawing New Castle residents – and visitors from surrounding areas – to the heart of our town, keeping our historic downtown vibrant on a Saturday morning.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Pascale and Rose

Our Market Managers

Pascale Le Draoulec, our market director, grew up in California to French expat parents who foraged for everything from snails and watercress, and would drive a hundred miles for a good Crottin de Chevre or baguette, before farmer’s markets became a thing there. The markets of Provence and Santa Monica are her inspiration. Pascale also runs the Hastings, Irvington and Bronxville farmers markets in Westchester and the market at the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.  She is also a former restaurant critic and author. You can read her weekly blog here on the website.

Rose Ellis is our on-site Market Manager. With a culinary and management background, Rose is a certified health coach and when away from the market she consults individuals and groups in these disciplines.

Board of Directors

The market operates as a non-profit, run by a Board of Directors, commited to our mission.
We also gratefully acknowlege the support we receive from the Town of New Castle and the Chamber of Commerce.
Elise Contarsy
Linda Fears
Anne Hasegawa
Kim Heston
Wendy Rubin
Nancy Silver
Priscilla Sorensen (Emerita)
Will Wedge
Michelle Hecht

Good to know

Market Tips


Dig up recipes accordingly so you can get everything you need at the market. Or, if you like to cook without recipes, stroll the market and see what inspires you. Either way, it’s a good idea to do a “recognizance” tour of the market first before you buy anything to know what your options are.


It’s the right thing to do, especially now that there is a town ban on plastic “t-shirt” bags. If you want to stay for lunch, toss a cooler in the back of your car to stash your delicate items. You can buy both veggie bags and grocery bags at the market table. The veggie bags are a good replacement for plastic bags which are no longer recyclable in Chappaqua. They are easily washable for weekly use.


Even though we are plentiful in produce vendors, it always pays to get to the market early to get first pick – especially during berry season. If you have time, come back at day’s end when some vendors kindly offer discounts.


More and more of our vendors are taking credit cards but be prepared to also find those that only take cash. If you are short on cash you can buy market bucks with a credit card at the market table. Simply charge an amount and we'll give you market bucks in the amount that you've charged, which you can then use as cash with any vendor.


Don’t expect to find the same items at the market from week to week as some vendors rotate in and out and farmers bring only what they are growing and what is in season. And of course everything is weather dependent.


Give items that you wouldn’t normally buy a chance. If you’re not sure how to prepare something the vendors will definitely help you out.


Though our parking is ideal, farmer’s markets are typically not an in-and-out proposition. Make time to stroll and sample and chat with the farmers, vendors and maybe even your neighbors. Enjoy a market pizza, made to order, while you listen to some home-grown music. Bring a picnic blanket and sit on the grass. We encourage it!


2020 ©Chappaqua Farmers Market

The market is a non-profit organization in the town of New Castle, NY

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