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Make this a "local" Thanksgiving

Did you know that Josh Small at Dough Co bagels hits the kitchen at 2:45 a.m. every Saturday to make sure the bagels you buy from him are as fresh as can be? And that he does it all over again on Sunday mornings, for his two Sunday markets?

Last week, Josh had a wedding to go to in Philly on Saturday night which he didn't want to miss. By the time he and his family got back home to Chappaqua it was close to 2 a.m. Josh headed straight to the kitchen to make several hundred more bagels and showed up to sell at the Irvington market bang on time.

In this season of giving thanks...we’d like to thank all of our vendors, and especially our farmers, who work so hard and such long hours to bring you the best the Hudson Valley region has to offer in produce, fruit, pastured meats, artisanal bread, cheese, baked goods and yes...those bagels.

We always take the weekend after Thanksgiving off, to give everyone a much needed rest – and possibly even, a lie-in if they’re lucky. We will re-open for the first three Saturdays in December. Our annual holiday market, always festive, is Dec. 9th. So plan your gift shopping around that day as we will have lots of local crafters.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before that, you have some serious food shopping to do!

Make it easy on yourself: wear comfortable shoes and plan out your ingredient list before you get to the market so you know exactly who to hit up first! You’ll want to stay focused so this may be one day you leave your pooch at home.

Here’s hoping you got your pantry items and other staples last week–honey, oil, vinegar, coffee... bacon etc. so you can hone in on fresh produce this week. But no worries if you didn’t. Our vendors know this is a busy day and they’ve got your back.

Sorry R&M and SOVA Farm, the turkey may be the token star of the table but, we all know this holiday is about the sides. So. Many. Of. Them. There has been sadness in the world of late, make sure you make dishes that make you happy this year.

I’m thinking of making this sweet-potato-pave because just looking at it makes me smile. Ditto for these adorable butternut squash “lasagna cups” which would make any vegetarian at the table feel special on this turkey-centered day. You know what else would make a vegetarian feel spoiled? Any burger from Plantidote. Danielle will be returning this week, newborn in tow, because she sold out so early last week!

These David Tanis glazed carrots with miso and sesame will add brightness to the beige and brown table landscape. As will this snappy lemon garlic kale salad.

With all the gorgeous mushrooms at the market this week you must use them in your stuffing, natch. Here’s a roasted mushrooms with garlic and shallots side dish you might want to consider to showcase our local fungi.

At some point during this long holiday week, you will want to serve a cheese tray. Second Mouse Cheese is ready to hook you up!

For dessert, go simple and use some of our delicious local apples to make this apple ginger pie. Or pick up something organic and decadent from Red Barn Bakery.

We thank you for the privilege of sourcing this most important meal for you.

Enjoy your family and friends and let’s make it a peaceful and delicious Thanksgiving.

See you at the market

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