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Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday. It means, if you’re lucky, time spent with family and good friends. We gather together in gratitude for all that we have, with no crazy gift-giving pressure. Good food and good company; the perfect holiday.

In this spirit we asked our vendors for their favorite Thanksgiving memory and received this wonderful account from Josh Small, the Chappaqua native behind DoughCo Bagels:

Growing up, I was disgusted by pumpkin pie, not because I actually disliked pumpkin, but because the concept of consuming a pumpkin seemed gross to a five year old. My mom, on the other hand, loved cooking with pumpkin and couldn't afford to have four sons who refused to eat it. She’s not only a great cook/baker, but a fabulous marketer as well: she came up with the genius idea of rebranding mini pumpkin pies as “scooter pies” to hoodwink her sons into giving them a try. By avoiding the word “pumpkin” and making them individually sized, she hooked us. We looked forward to bringing “scooter pies” to school for our lunches. My family still calls mini pumpkin pies “scooter pies” and my two year old niece is already a big fan. Nice work, Mom!

When I grew older and learned that scooter pies were actually pumpkin pies, I became more willing to try other pumpkin foods, especially for Thanksgiving. This led to my favorite Thanksgiving recipe: pumpkin kugel (see recipe below). I realize kugel is not a traditional Thanksgiving food, but it fits perfectly for my family as we come together during Jewish holidays and weekly Shabbat meals. The kugel comes from our Jewish influence and the pumpkin from Thanksgiving. In the future, if any family members refuse to eat pumpkin kugel because pumpkin seems gross, I am fully confident it will be rebranded “scooter kugel.”

Sam, of Fresh Meadow Farm, reports that she doesn’t have a specific recipe, but that leftover mashed potatoes are a must! They are a base for soups, gravy, easy fritters, colcannon,Thanksgiving leftover bowls, and hold a sandwich together deliciously. Gold potatoes are most common, and they are buttery and delicious, but Adirondack Reds make a fantastic and creamy mashed potato that goes well with just about everything. Thanks, Sam!

Arlotta Food Studio supplied this recipe for a superb Cranberry Balsamic Sauce. Use it to elevate your turkey game!

As ever, our friends at Obercreek Farm have lots of great ideas for their harvest. Heads of hearty, crunchy frisee are back! This chicory is great with a fatty protein in the timeless Lyonnaise Salad (pick up bright, yokey eggs from R & M Farm), or sauteed with lemon and maple. Craving a salad? Pair frisee with seasonal fruits, apples from Caradonna Farm and cranberries, for a crisp and crunchy salad.

Still searching for the perfect turkey on which to center your Thanksgiving feast? SOVA Farm's certified Organic and pastured turkeys are going fast! Birds range from 13-16 lbs and are priced at $8 per pound. You’ll leave a $25 deposit with Rose at the SOVA tent and delivery of your bird will be made, to the Chappaqua market space, on Tuesday, 11/21, from 8am–9:30am. Can’t get much fresher than that!

It’s your last chance to catch Simply Masala for the season. Sheila is grateful for your enthusiastic support and looks forward to returning next season. Be sure to stop by to stock up! You can find her, during the cold winter months, at

Be sure to pack your carving and utility knives in your market bag, as Ready Set Sharp’s whetstone will be spinning all morning long. You’ve got a lot of cooking in your future, so make your market day a little easier by picking up a super-fresh, market-forward pie from Dough Nation. Stockpile some Plantidote Foods vegan, ready-made plant-based patties in your freezer for a quick and nutritious meal. We think a dollop of AYA Hummus would complement your burger nicely! And Villa Emilia's handcrafted empanadas make a perfect snack for after-school afternoons.

See you at the market!

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