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Paring down the plenty

Abundance is the buzzword at the market in October. Especially an October that has been so eerily warm. Sometimes it's hard to stay focused and remember what you came for.

Here are ten things you don't want to miss:

1. Mustard greens from Growing Creek Farm to make this white bean and mustard greens soup

2. Coarse and rustic country pâté and beef bresaola from Larchmont Charcuterie (Because parents need something to snack on besides Reese's Pieces while the kids trick or treat next week).

3. Dahlias at the Stars of the Meadow tent because this may be their last week at market.

4. Pear brandy from Neversink Spirits for your nightly nip.

5. New, French-style Jambon sandwiches on 123 Dough's organic sourdough baguettes for a grab-n-go lunch.

6. Spanakopita from the Anthi's Greek Specialties to serve your family for lunch with a side of gigantes beans and a Black Creek Farm salad.

7. Porterhouse Chops from Premier Pastures Farm, because you'll deserve them after chopping wood or raking leaves all afternoon.

8. Organic Brussels sprouts on the stalk from Fort Hill Farm so you can roast them on the stalk

9. Concord grapes to eat out of hand or to elevate your cheese platter.

10. The SOVA Farm tent, where you can place your order for your holiday turkey.

I thought the chickens at SOVA Farm had it good until I heard how spoiled the turkeys are.

"They roam in the fields during the day in excellent forage and tall grass," says farmer Ed, Rose's husband. "They have water and a supplemental mash on demand. Rose is actually the turkey whisperer- she makes different calls and they all come running towards her. It’s a sight to see." Their turkeys will weigh between 10 and 15 pounds this year and will go for $6.50 a pound.

Won't that be a nice thing to cross off your list?

See you at the market!

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