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Our last hurrah!

This Saturday will be our last market day of 2020. On behalf of our farmers and food artisans, we want to thank you for all of your support this year.

Not only did you come to shop the market every week, but you waited patiently in line, kept your distance, and for the longest time, even kept your dogs at home. You also were extremely generous with your donations to the Mt Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry. All told, we were able to deliver 1500 pounds of fresh market fare to the pantry this season. 

We feel really good about that and you should, too. 

Free up some room in your freezer during the snow day tomorrow so that you can stock up at the market.

Remember, bread from Bien Cuit, Wave Hill and 123 Dough all freeze remarkably well. So do pastured meats. 

Mangalitsa by Mosefund will be bringing some new products this week: Iberico ham, chorizo, guanciale and lard all from Iberian pigs being raised in New Jersey. 


FarmEATS is bringing chicken and pork in addition to beef to make up for Letterbox's absence at the market extension. So you should be able to stock on everything for soups and stews and curries and pot pies. 

If you're tired of cooking by now, almost ten months in this Covid year, please note that the FarmEATS family is making prepared dishes with their pork, chicken and beef which they will be delivering throughout Westchester County on Dec. 23rd and 24th. All you have to do is serve! You can preorder at FarmEats Cooked Food

Pick up as many Snapdragon apples as you can from Caradonna. And while you're there, snap up some of their purple Brussels sprouts, which have even more anti-oxidants than their green counterparts. Roast them and then make this nutty, roasted Brussels sprouts salad from The Devil Wears Salad.

The salad calls for honey which you can pick up from Fly Honey Farm, a wonderful addition to our line-up this year, among so many others. 

Bring extra bags (and maybe a "sherpa" or a wagon) to pack jars of jams and apple sauce from Wright's Farm so, in the cold gloom of February, you can slather a slice of toasted pain de mie with some strawberry spread for a taste of summer.

If you are a fan of MOMO dressing, pick up a bottle in every flavor (sesame, ginger, shiso etc. ) FYI their kicky edamame hummus freezes really well! (Four E Green Farm's celery and this dip seem made for each other, incidentally.)

Noble Pies and Nutmeg Bakery can give you instructions on how to properly freeze their pies. Buy now for the holiday so you relax by the tree without stressing about the menu!

Hodgins Harvest Mushrooms is back this week. I just bought one of their growing kits as a Christmas present for someone who makes their own sourdough and Kombucha (and who doesn't these days?) It really is the perfect gift for someone who likes to watch things grow. And of course, pick up some mushrooms while you're there to make this mushroom tart.

Make sure to stop by The Copper Faucet Soap Co. They make soaps and soy candles using local ingredients. Perfect for last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers.  


And, of course, you need to stock up on cocktail fixings before we bid adieu. Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery has a bourbon with your name on it.

We can't wrap up the season without thanking our board members who volunteered every Saturday to make sure the market was operating in as safe a manner as possible and to our fabulous pool of interns: Ryan, Josh, Jack, Karinna, Susannah, Eleanor, Young, Neha and Amanda for their hard work. (And for getting up so early on Saturdays!)

And, of course, a huge thank you to Rose, our unflappable market manager who steered the market through this difficult season with her usual grace and good humor. 

Fill your bags, cook up a storm, stay healthy and we'll see you on the flip side of winter. We can't wait to unfurl the tents again and welcome you back...

See you at the market!



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Pick up as many Snapdragon apples as you can from Caradonna. And while you're there, snap up some of their purple Brussels sprouts, which have even more anti-oxidants than their green counterparts. Roast them and then make this nutty, roasted Brussels sprouts salad from The Devil Wears Salad. For more best deals please visit our website for tasty and hygienic food.

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