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Matchmaker, matchmaker

There’s nothing I love more at the market than marrying up ingredients, finding, among our diverse products, the “two great tastes that taste great together” as the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ad goes. Here are just a few of my faves. Feel free to write in some of your own or share them at the market next week

1. Marcelina’s Marmalade on a lightly-toasted slice of Bien Cuit’s Pain de Mie bread. The sweet egginess of this bread marries beautifully with the tang of the citrus.

2. A cup of hot chocolate from Raw Chocolate Love mixed with a shot of espresso from Don Carvajal. Seriously, you must try this at the market. Luigi or Hector at the coffee tent are happy to accommodate.

3. A duet of roasted chicken from SOVA Farm & roasted carrots from Fresh Meadow Farm. For your carrots, check out this recipe, (for which you’ll need Arlotta Food Studio’s unctuous balsamic and honey, also from SOVA).

4. Kimchi and udon noodles is another great pairing. You can get your kimchi from Forward Roots and your udon noodles from Asian Farmer. Try this stir-fry recipe that brings them together beautifully.

5. La Trafila gnocchi and Brussels sprouts are a match made in heaven. Especially when cooked in brown butter as in this recipe a favorite in our household rotation.

6. Woodsy, earthy rosemary and a delicate, floral gin. Neversink Spirits is here this week, fresh off their wonderful write-up in the Wall Street Journal, about great “sweater weather sips.” Buy some of their botanical gin and market rosemary to prepare this David Lebovitz recipe for a gimlet with rosemary syrup.

7. A toasted Dough Co. Bagels plain bagel with some Eltee’s Goods Provencal Tomato Jam and some goat cheese from the SOVA Farm tent.

8. Some of Wild Radish’s herbed chicken salad scooped atop a bed of spicy salad mix from 4 E Farm. Easiest lunch ever – especially when paired with a slice of Wave Hill Breads French country loaf.

9. Plum and ginger is another winning combination. Get some Caradonna plums and Orchard Hill Organics fresh ginger to make this jam or this healthy ginger plum crisp.

10. Sashimi (made with red snapper, tuna etc. from Pura Vida Fisheries) with MOMO Dressing's Yuzu pepper and ponzu sauce.

Thanksgiving will be here sooner than you think. Have you ordered your bird from either SOVA Farms or R&M Farm? Don’t dawdle! And speaking of carving turkeys.... please note that Ready Set Sharp will be coming to the market this week instead of next so bring your carving knives to the market THIS SATURDAY if you can.

See you at the market!

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