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Market Mojitos and Tomato Sandwiches

Marybeth Wehrung of Stars of the Meadow Farm is back this week after taking a restorative weekend off. Even flower farmers need a break from the agro-grind. She says the recent rains have sparked "a floral renaissance" on her small, regenerative farm in Accord, NY. Her stand this week will sport a "wildflower look." You can expect wildly colorful bouquets bursting with cosmos and coreopsis, foraged borage and goldenrod, and lots and lots of sunflowers which always seem to make people happy.

Fort Hill Farm is bringing rainbow carrots, crunchy cucumbers and of course, perfectly imperfect heirloom tomatoes. 

End of July, summer's sweet spot, is a good time to perfect your tomato sandwiches. You may think you do not need a recipe, but sometimes, it's nice to shake up your routine a bit. This Melissa Clark recipe based on pan con tomate, involves rubbing the guts of a ripe tomato all over garlicky toasted bread. 

If you prefer your tomato sandwiches open-faced, consider this version which features a (timely!) basil mayonnaise. Of course, sometimes the simplest version is best: take two slices of 123 Dough sourdough bread, shingle your tomato slices on one side, drizzle with grassy Kontoulis Olive Oil, scatter with coarse salt. Slice in half. Extra napkins, please.

There will be lots of cocktail fixings at the market so you may as well plan a get together with friends. Neversink Spirits is bringing gin to the party and Nahmias & Fils will be offering their unique Moroccan fig and anise eau de vie.


How does eau de vie factor in your summer cocktail repertoire? Try this Mojito with a Morocca twist plucked from their website.

Maybe this is the week you finally try a cilantro lime shrimp bowl from the Poke Motion food truck.

See you at the market!

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