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It's June!

Time to swoon over strawberries! Easy to do come Saturday when Mead Orchards joins us for the first time with their beautiful berries. Caradonna Farms will also be bringing strawberries which took their sweet time coming this year but were so worth the wait. 

Mead Orchard’s history is as colorful as the panoply of berries they will be parading this summer. Established in 1916, this Tivoli orchard used to deliver their just-picked apples to Manhattan in wooden barrels by slow boat down the Hudson River. You can find them on the opposite side of Caradonna, the “end-cap” of the right “leg” of the market as it were.

Now that the strawberries are here...whatcha you going to do with them? Try this crowd pleasing strawberry spoon cake super easy to make and so spot-on when topped with vanilla bean or ginger ice cream. If you were lucky enough to score some labneh or plain Persian-style yogurt from White Moustache last Saturday by all means, use that instead!

Don’t forget to scatter with fresh mint cuttings from the market! Though they are not joined at the hip, you do need to pair rhubarb and strawberry at some point, but it needn’t be in a pie shell.

It could be in a cocktail glass, as in the case of this rhubarb-strawberry spritzer.strawberry-rhubarb spritzer. Or unite them in a compote, which is the BEST thing to stir into yogurt or ice cream or on a slice of toasted pain de mie bread from Bien Cuit.

What else should you look for at the market this week? Obercreek Farm is bringing their prized garlic scapes:  perfect for grilling, making pesto or just to enhance any dish (pasta,especially) that calls for a strong garlic flavor. Try this garlic scape pasta with creamy parmesan sauce.

The peonies from Stars of the Meadow are breathtakingly beautiful.

Make them the centerpiece of your table and have a dinner party around them! Is there someone you need to thank as the school year comes to an end? A guidance counselor, perhaps? Who wouldn't appreciate these pink, fragrant beauties?

White Pine Community Farm is back with their medicinal herbs, micro-greens, and teas. This week they are featuring jaunty sunflower shoots and their popular elderberry syrup...delicious and immunity-boosting.

If the long weekend got you in a grilling groove, pickup some Gira’s Garden Hot Sauce for your Letterbox Farm chicken or R&M burgers or steaks. Gira has two signature sauces: Peach/Habanero and Carrot/Habanero and once you taste them, you’ll know that's all you need.

No trip to the market would be complete without a visit to Second Mouse Cheese for some artisanal Hudson Valley cheeses for your cheese board. Need crackers? We’ve got just the thing! 7 Kitchen Road joins us for the first time with their nutritious super-seeded flats! 

Hudson River Apiaries is well-stocked with their signature “whipped” or creamed honey. Smooth and velvety this honey is super popular among market-goers in the know who spoon it onto pancakes or waffles or Wave Hill’s French country bread — with sliced strawberries on top.

Have you tried the lemon cookies at The Countryside Bakery? They balance zesty, tart and sweet perfectly and are sure to brighten your day.

You know what else will do that? The plum-upside down cake at the Elderberry Road tent. Red Barn Bakery had to cancel this week so we asked Elderberry Road to step in to fill their baked goods shoes. They will not disappoint.

We can’t wait to see you all at the market this Saturday for what promises to be a another festive day. Don’t forget to congratulate Ryan at R&M  Farm for his third May baby: Cayden Craig Ostertag was born two weeks ago weighing in at exactly 8 pounds. A perfect little rump roast indeed.

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