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Have a souper day!

Fall’s cooler temperatures always put me in a soup state of mind and the fetching napa cabbages at Orchard Hill Organics drove me straight to this Cozy Cabbage and Farro Soup. Easy to prepare, it works with any type of green cabbage and offers everything you're looking for: cabbage made just-that-much sweeter by gentle and slow cooking, slightly crunchy farro, and the earthy tang of flaked parmesan cheese on top. It freezes well...if you can keep yourself from eating it all in one sitting! Autumn’s harvest also brings us hearty beets. Healthy and versatile, you can roast them to slice onto your salads and sandwiches. Or, try this Carrot Beet Tomato Soup, using just-picked carrots, beets, and tomatoes from your favorite farmer.

Over at Obercreek Farm, peppers have taken over! They’ve got bells; Italian frying types; specialty Nicaraguan peppers perfect for salsa, salads, or frying; French peppers that are just perfect for stuffing; peppers with heat for that homemade hot sauce you’ve been thinking of making; and jalapeños for the poppers you’re craving. Stop by to talk peppers, but don’t forget their fabulous bagged greens!

Eltee’s Goods is back for her monthly appearance. You know you love her tomato (Tommy) jams; “the condiment you never knew you needed.” Did you know owner Lindsey is also dipping her talented fingers into the baking game? Treat yourself to a gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie or a slice of her vegan chocolate spice loaf. Or both! Pit master Jeremy James of SMOK’D will join us, roasting his Cornish game hens and dishing up his beloved macaroni and cheese, smokey ribs, and more. Come early; he sells out quickly! Snag some succulent scallops from Pura Vida for this Simple Pasta with Leeks and Scallops using your favorite pasta from La Trafila Pasta.

Prepare this simple Stuffed Eggs with Smoked Salmon, Parmesan, and Dill to break your Yom Kippur fast. You’ll find most of what you need at the market, including dill from Obercreek Farm. Add to your feast with bagels from DoughCo Bagels and pick up some stone fruits to slice up and add to berries from Caradonna Farm for a refreshing and delicious fruit salad. If you prefer your fruit in a baked format, you’ll want to pick up a crumb-topped peach pie from Noble Pies. Brighten your holiday table with a whimsical bouquet from Stars of the Meadow. Stop by KHEM Woodworking to select a gorgeous cutting board on which to place your carefully curated collection of Second Mouse Cheeses! Public service announcement: pumpkin spice mania has reached Cooper’s Daughter Spirits! Yes, it’s true: they’ve created a pumpkin spice vodka using their own organically grown sugar pumpkins, local maple syrup, Madagascar vanilla bean, and spices. Spike your favorite coffee drink, add to a chai latte, or mix with fresh apple cider (from Caradonna Farms) and lemon. You’re welcome!

Due to the inclement weather predicted, Barnyard Fun, originally scheduled for this Saturday, has been postponed until October 7th. ANCAR (A New Chance Animal Rescue) will be setting up in the parking lot with some adorable dogs available for fostering and adoption. Consider yourself warned! No Kid Hungry is also joining us. Should be a fun-filled day!

See you at the market!

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