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Folding in a new pie vendor

Pies. Classic American pies. They've been missing from the market. Nutmeg Bakery has been bringing lovely pies and crostatas as part of their vast repertoire, but it has been hard to fill the giant void left by Pie Lady & Son after they filed for bankruptcy early on in the pandemic. 

Enter Noble Pies.

Noble Pies is a small family-owned bakery in Warwick, NY, specializing in both sweet AND savory pies, all made from scratch. "Pie has always been a staple comfort food in our home," says baker Leslie Noble. They started baking pies for others and selling them from the side of the road when they lost their equestrian business in 2008 and needed a source of income. Leslie says they hope to "solve the problem for the consumer who’s looking for comfort food" with their heirloom baking techniques and recipes from Leslie's great grandmother who lived to be 103.

One of the recipes is called "Will you Marry me Cherry." It is made with both sweet and tart cherries. You can read all about how the pie got its name here. Yes, they are bringing it this week along with: apple, blueberry, mixed berry, chocolate cream, and Leslie's Lime. Savory selections include Buffalo chicken pot pie and vegetable quiche made with local, seasonal vegetables. They will be alternating with Nutmeg Bakery. Please give them a warm Chappaqua welcome!

Selek Middle Eastern cuisine is bringing back their popular packs of tandoor Iraqi pita... so delicious to use as wraps or for dipping in their hummus or beet baba ganoush. If you are looking for a vegan dessert consider their coconut-milk version of mahalabia, a pudding drizzled with pomegranate syrup and chopped nuts. 

Other things to look for at the market this week: Smoked steelhead trout from Hudson Valley FisheriesMomo Dressing's edamame dip and The Misshapened Bowl is returning with his fetching collection of hand-turned bowls made with the wood from local fallen trees. The perfect vessel to showcase all the stone-fruit coming to market these days from apricots to peaches and plums.

Here's a recipe for a plum and radicchio salad with bacon and olives - all available at the market (Doc Pickle has olives!).

See you at the market!

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