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What's your summer MUST????

We all have those things we must do before it really seems like we’ve fully experienced summer. This week on social media I’ve been marveling at photos of individuals and groups making their annual “summer sauce”. Big pots and crates of tomatoes yield cases of marinara to be enjoyed and shared through the upcoming months.

Maybe your “must” isn’t quite that ambitious; I know mine isn’t. Sliced sea-salted tomatoes on mayo-laden market ciabatta or soft tomatoes stewed in butter, seasoned with a touch of sugar and salt, and thickened with broken bread is what satisfies me.

Maybe yours is a ratatouille? or you might want to try this Ratatouille Baked Chicken with SOVA Farm’s coveted organic chicken.

Perhaps it’s a chopped salad? Speaking of which, have you tried the recently added salami at R&M Farms? Ryan, who is usually selling in Chappaqua, is owner and farmer; a wealth of talent and information and just a heck of a nice guy for conversation.

Moving over to the sweet side; the luscious summer fruits really stand on their own, eaten out of hand or sliced and mingled together with fresh mint and a sprinkle of Arlotta Food Studio white balsamic. But who doesn’t have their favorite summer pie or dessert?

If you’re looking to make one, how about this peach custard pie ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS! Or a Peach Pound Cake.

This Blackberry Cheesecake Galette has caught my eye and will surely satisfy any summer pastry craving. But if you’re not into making your own, Nutmeg Bakery and Café is back from their brief vacation and has plenty of pies and galettes, both sweet and savory.

Wrights Farm has already started making summer fruit preserves and syrups which make great ice cream and yogurt toppings and sweet surprises to send off with your college-bound students. Bohemian Baked also has gluten-free granola.

Do you put up your own pickles? Last week our market youngsters saw how easy it is to do, with Fiddleheads Cooking Studio’s fun hands on demo. Look for inspiration at the Doc Pickles tent and guaranteed you’ll walk away with a purchase too. They have the best condiments for your FarmEats.

Manor Sangria returns for their monthly visit with those popular mason jars. Be sure to sample and stock up. Cooper’s Daughter is also coming. “A woman-owned and family-operated distillery sourcing foraged and farmed Hudson Valley ingredients to make seasonal, small batch spirits. The farm consists of apples orchards and black walnut tree groves to produce our vodka, whiskey, and bourbon. The property is part of the historic Jacob Rutsen van Rensselaer House and Mill complex, which had a distillery and cooperage circa 1805. Today our distillery and cooperage reside in Rensselaer's former carriage house. Barrels are handmade on site to age our bourbon and whiskey. Vodka and liqueur are distilled from apples and infused with local botanicals.”

We’d like to know some of your summer market MUSTS: Please share them with us on social media or stop by the market tent.

See you on Saturday!

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