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What a doozie of a market this week

Weekends in June are always so busy between end-of-school year events, graduations, weddings and let's not forget Father's Day. Still, you should try and carve out time for the market this week because we have a particularly stellar vendor lineup.

Eltee's Goods joins us for the first time this season. Lindsey Thalheimer uses local tomatoes to make super aromatic tomato jams ("Tommy Jams") to dress roasted chicken, grilled fish or even blend into your favorite, light, vinaigrette. The jams come in three flavors: Tommy Provence, Hot Tommy (with habanero) and Tommy Jam - with a kick. Each jar contains a pound of tomatoes. The former pastry chef says her jams taste great in sweeter preparations as well. Consider her popular Thumbprint shortbread cookies which would be a big hit at your graduation party. You can find the recipe here. Pick up a trio of Tommy Jams for Dad.

Black Creek Farm has started popping their own corn at the market for a snack to nosh on while you decide what to cook on Father's Day. Lots of options: R & M Farms and Farm Eats are bringing extra ribeyes, and Goode & Local is bringing coolers full of sausage and bacon from Mangalitsa pigs. Or for something extra special, pick up some fresh duck from SOVA Farms. R & M is launching a new Teriyaki bratwurst this week, too.

How about some seasonal bourbon or vodka from a woman-owned distillery for Dad? Cooper's Daughter Spirits' is bringing their Black Walnut bourbon, first aged in their own American White Oak barrels and finished in a second barrel that was once used to store black walnut syrup tapped from trees in the groves surrounding the Olde York Farm distillery. The nutty syrup leads to a slightly sweeter bourbon. Or try their hyper-seasonal ramp or rhubarb vodka for a market-driven Bloody Mary on Father's Day. As an alternative to alcohol both for Dad and for your June parties, buy some OM Champagne Kombucha tea. They are back this week with their popular turmeric ginger and elderflower varieties.

Does Dad have a sweet tooth? Bella's Bake Shop returns with their colorful macarons, bread boules and assorted Viennoiserie. And some pretty fantastic chocolate chip cookies, too. In honor of Father's Day, Noble Pies will also be adding an extra market day in Chappaqua to their calendar this month. Or, you can mix and match Dad's favorite blondies in a gift box from Blondery.

Rivertowns potter Chloe Sikirica is bringing her latest body of work. You can find great kitchenware including a nice pot to put all of Dad's favorite cooking utensils in.

If you have a toddler who is graduating preschool, or needs a fancy fit for Father's Day or another June event, Ztudio Zsa Zsa will have some adorable up cycled outfits, some fashioned with vintage fabrics and tea towels. Super cute!

All this and music by Milton.

If you've got bags of clothes that need a new home, bring them to the market. The Green Tree Textile Recycling Bin will happily make them disappear for you.

See you at the market!

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