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We’re at cruising altitude

We're a month into our season and, by now, our vendors have found their groove. And so have our shoppers who have discovered their weekly "market must-haves" (flowers from Stars of the Meadow, natch) making adjustments, of course, for the rotating vendors who change from week to week to keep things interesting. This week, for example, we have a few vendors on the plaza who come only once a month so make a point of stopping by, and stocking up!

For example, if you are the least bit sensitive to gluten – and even if you are not – you must pick up a loaf of the Forbidden Rice bread from 3x3 Kitchen. I highly recommend getting butter from the Sova Farm tent and rosy spring radishes from your favorite produce vendor and some Saratoga Salt Co. salt from La Petite Occasion and preparing this French springtime bistro classic that never gets old. The Forbidden Rice bread is also the perfect foil for your favorite goat cheese (find Painted Goat at the SOVA Farm tent) or a Forward Roots kimchi tartine. There's a reason this bread sells out consistently.

Marcelina Orange Treats – yes, the makers of the bittersweet chocolate-dipped Cara Cara orange peels we warned you about are back. Buy at your own risk. Dora Ruiz also makes marmalade both regular and spicy which would taste divine on the Forbidden Rice bread but also on a breakfast scone from New Castle Scone, back for the first time this season. Baker Grace Baccay will only be here on the first Saturday of each month so don't stint on scones.

Finally, an abundance of strawberries at the market this week! Caradonna Farms is bringing loads. There will also be plenty of rosy rhubarb at market, so you can make this terrific recipe for roasted rhubarb & strawberries in a sweet-savory glaze of maple syrup, sweet vermouth, balsamic vinegar, and a touch of sea salt. For younger palates, try these crowd-pleasing strawberry coconut ice pops instead.

Wright's Farm will be returning next week with even more strawberries and rhubarb and their coveted cider donuts, too. La Trafila is also here this week. So many shoppers have requested more of their outstanding small-batch pasta that they will soon be joining us weekly. Check out this week's video featuring their Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe kit.

Come for the shop and stay for the vibe this week. The Pizza Vitale Truck is joining us. And our music is the Richard Cortez Jazz Band. This is not a week to miss the market.

And don't forget your textile recyclables for the Green Tree Recycling Bin!

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