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Try something new!

It's just as easy to fall into a rut at the market as it is in your home kitchen. Sometimes you just gravitate toward the same items (and vendors) you know your family likes and you shut out the rest.

Break some habits this week and buy something at the market you've never bought before. Have you shied away from garlic scapes because of their snake-like appearance? Make tangy pesto or hummus or toss them on the grill to serve with your flank steak or atop a baked potato.

Are you someone who likes to put fresh tomatoes in your sandwich? Shake things up and put pickled tomatoes in your sammy this week instead, as in the case of this grilled-cheese sandwich recipe plucked from the Doc Pickle website. Are you a bacon and eggs for breakfast kind of person? Who can blame you with the caliber of eggs and bacon we have at the market these days. Why not buy some berries and make some overnight oats this weekend instead (or in addition?) How nice would it be to wake up Sunday morning with your healthy breakfast just waiting for you. Especially if your rolled oats come from River Valley Community Grains, here this weekend for their once a month visit.

Did you buy some of their flour last month? If so, stop by the market tent and tell us what you made with it. Or tag us in a post @chappaquafarmersmarket. Try some different kind of flour this time, like rye flour, for instance.

You'll need berries for those overnight oats and thank goodness, Wright's Farm returns to the market this weekend with a truckload of sweet, sweet strawberries (and rhubarb), along with their uber popular cider donuts, apple sauce and jams made with their orchard fruit. We feel complete now.

If you tend to drink the same IPA or Lager, let Broken Bow Brewery up your beer game.

Do you walk right past the micro-green offerings at Orchard Hill Organics because you're not quite sure how to use them? Here's a handy guide from the growers themselves:

Radish Microgreens

These spicy little shoots mimic their larger selves in flavor profile,

delivering some heat to any dish. If you like radishes, you’ll like radish sprouts, too.

Spicy Microgreens

Just like our radish micros, these add a burst of subtle heat to any dish. If you enjoy mustard greens you’ll like our spicy micro mix!

Mild Microgreens

This blend of mildly flavored brassicas contains mizuna, cabbage, kale, and kohlrabi.

Pea Shoots

Highly nutritious shoots are perfect for salads, wraps, juicing, and salads. If you like sugar snap peas you’ll love our pea micros!

Sunflower Shoots

Crunchy and nutty these are the perfect addition to salads, smoothies or sandwiches!

Noble Pies is here this week with something less seasonal than it is decadent: their popular peanut butter pie. Of course, they will also have strawberry rhubarb for pie purists.

If you've never tried the scallops at Pura Vida sear some up this week?

Serve with with a dollop of aforementioned scape pesto and top with crunchy microgreens.

Don't forget to grab some Greek salad from the Anthi's food Truck this week. And bring all your knives that need sharpening because Ready Set Sharp is back on his regular schedule (second Saturday of each month).

See you at the market!

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