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The Middle Child

August 12th is, according to reputable sources, Middle Child Day. Who knew? This got us thinking about the “middle children” of the market; maybe those products or vendors that we sometimes overlook. Or perhaps we take them for granted? Here’s their chance to shine!

For instance, Hudson River Apiary, purveyors of all things honey, joins us every Saturday. We think their tagline “How do you know it’s pure honey if you don’t know the beekeeper?” is just perfect. From their colorful flavored honey sticks to their variety of all natural, locally produced honeys, they’re a market staple. Stop by and stock up on honey for this Honey Garlic Chicken dish (find your chicken thighs at R&M Farm), ice cream toppings, and to swirl into your morning tea.

Cooper’s Daughter Spirits, a woman-owned, farm to cask distillery in Claverack, NY is another worthy market stop. Their black walnut bourbon (made with walnuts foraged from their own trees) makes the perfect Manhattan. After a busy day running errands and shopping the market, mix 2.5 ounces with 2/3 ounces Sweet Vermouth and 3 dashes Black Walnut Bitters, sit back, and relax. To accompany, create your own charcuterie board with cherry tomatoes, your favorite cheese from Second Mouse Cheese, and finocchiona or mortadella from Goode and Locale by Don Rodrigo Farm. Add a pain de miche from Bien Cuit and perhaps some fig-infused balsamic vinegar from Arlotta Food Studio and let the party begin!

PB Hot Sauce is back and one of Perry’s favorite dishes is a Dough Nation pizza drizzled with his Mango Habanero Hot Sauce. He says it's fantastic and who are we to argue?!

Of course, our faithful farmers are working nonstop to bring you the best of their fields. Orchard Hill Organics is growing a new variety of shishito pepper this year, called Mellow Star. Farmer Jeff reports that they're absolutely delicious and a bit larger than other varieties, so just that much more fun to eat! Grab plums from Caradonna Farm to try this Red Wine Plum Sauce to drizzle over a roasted chicken from SOVA Farm. Obercreek Farm offerings include tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and zucchini, fresh onions and scallions, and fresh herbs; everything you’ll need for a cool and luscious summer salad!

Pick up a pretty bouquet from Stars of the Meadow, some chicken or spinach empanadas from Villa Emilia Empanadas (don’t forget the chimichurri sauce!), and a dreamy peanut butter cream pie from Noble Pies. And, if you’re a middle child, we salute you!

See you at the market!

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