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The market will be open on July 4th

you're hosting a safe and socially-distanced bbq, or just chilling/grilling with your family, we've got everything you need, from salad and slaw fixings to chicken thighs and pork chops for the grill to an assortment of berries you can top with cultured cream from McGrath Cheese Co.  Momo Dressing can help you dress your salad and marinate your meat. And don't forget the vegetables for the grill! Zucchini, and pattypan squash, of course, but consider carrots, too. The grill coaxes a sweet smokiness out of carrots just as it does with onions cut in wedges. Not convinced? Try these grilled carrots with cumin serrano yogurt and get back to me.

Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe is back so make sure to pick up a pie (or two) for the weekend. If you want to make your own pie, please note that Caradonna Farms will have a few peaches – the first of the season. Don't worry there are plenty more coming! They will be bringing apricots too, which also shine on the grill. Try this recipe for a salad of grilled apricots with fresh burrata topped with pesto. Joe Tomato or Bambino Ravioli 

should have burrata on Saturday. Hudson Valley Fisheries is back again with their fresh and smoked fillets of steelhead trout. Why not pick up one of each?

As our regulars know, we've been enforcing strict safety protocols at the market, limiting the number of shoppers we allow in at a time and making sure that all vendors and shoppers wear a mask at all times. We are also monitoring any line that forms at a vendor's stall, to ensure that shoppers are always keeping a safe distance.

Still, we ask that you please STAY HOME if you do not feel well. Ask a friend to shop for you. If you pre-order/pre-pay most items, it should be a breeze. Likewise, if you know someone who is quarantining this week, why not offer to shop the market for them? Don't forget to wear your mask!

The Misshapened Bowl is here this week with their stunning hand-turned bowls made with the wood of local fallen trees. If you know someone who has gone above and beyond to help others during this crisis, consider buying them one as a gift of gratitude.

Finally, local businesswoman Lisa Lerner will be at the market selling her 100 percent cotton, washable masks. Her red, white and blue mask seems fitting for the weekend!

Be well, stay safe and enjoy the holiday as best you can!

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