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Ten things to look for at the market this week

1. The raisin bread at 123 Dough (I have a friend who freezes it in small sections to savor it, yes, but also to avoid eating the whole loaf in one sitting).

2. The rosy sweet watermelon at Fort Hill Farm to make my friend Nicole Plue's granita

3. The patty-pan squash at Black Creek Farm to grill alongside sausages from Letterbox Farm

4. The Michigan oyster mushrooms at Hodgins Harvest to pan fry and serve over toast, eggs, pasta, steak or fish.

5. The fresh ginger at Fort Hill Farm to make ginger iced tea or to make this steamed Pura Vida halibut with ginger

6. The nectarines and grapes from Caradonna Farm to eat out of hand.

7.  Hillrock Estate Bourbon - to make a very refreshing Kentucky Buck cocktail (a few dashes of Angostura bitters, 1/2–3/4 oz fresh lemon juice, 2 oz bourbon, Ginger beer).

8. A Joe Tomato sandwich. Because they are legendary.

9. Flowers from Stars of the Meadow. For the same reason.

10. Purple peppers because they are at their peak and oh so pretty.

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