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Strawberries, ramp ketchup and swordfish tacos!

Not together of course. But all available at the market this week. Yes, the BIG FISH food truck from Mt. Kisco Seafood is pulling in around 9 a.m. Make sure to save room for their fish sandwiches and raw bar offerings, too.

You are going to be seeing a lot of strawberries in the next few weeks so best to be armed with recipes. It helps that these berries are so versatile, and as comfortable in a biscuit, as they are in a salad or in a glass of wine (see below!).

Who can resist the American classic: strawberry shortcake. You can choose to make the recipe from scratch, or, since Brooklyn Biscuit is in the house this weekend, you can buy some homespun biscuits from Liz and save yourself a step or two. If you're really short on time, or feeling lazy in the kitchen (it happens to the best of us) you can even use some of McGrath Cheese Co.'s cultured cream instead of whipping your own.

Marti Wolfson, our beloved CFM demo chef who is NEVER lazy in the kitchen, will be preparing a strawberry salad at the market. Check out her recipe for arugula, strawberry and sunflower salad ahead of time so you can pick up the ingredients at the market. You know that the second you sample it you will want to make it. That's the case for everything Marti whips up in her demo tent. 

This is slightly retro but was a staple around my house growing up: strawberries in red wine.

And, speaking of retro, we are so happy to welcome a new vendor: Clarkson Ave. Crumb Cake. The Walsh family uses a family recipe that was created in 1950’s Brooklyn, NY and perfected on the east end of Long Island. They say it is, crumbs down, the most delicious crumb cake on the market.

Father's Day is just around the corner. Hillrock Estates thinks barrel-aged bourbon would make a perfect gift for Dad and so do we. Hillrock is one of a few "field to glass" whiskey producers in the world. They are also one of the first American distilleries since before Prohibition to floor malt their estate-grown grain. We love that.

Dad doesn't drink? Why not get him a sampling of NY Chup's artisanal line of seasoned ketchups from ramp to jalapeno. Set dad up for the grilling season with a "six-pack" of bottles. Andy, the ketchup meister will only be coming a couple of times this summer so make sure to stock your larder because after tasting his ketchup, ordinary ketchup just won't do. And especially not on those burgers made with FarmEATS or Stone & Thistle's ground beef.

Got seasonal allergies? Or simply love quality, local honey in your tea? Make sure to stop at the Honeybrook Farm tent (new vendor this year) for a jar of the good stuff!

See you at the market!

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