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Strawberries, peonies and the return of Joe Tomato

June 4, 2020

We want to thank all of you for your patience as we adapt to new ways of doing things. Our vendors are also having to change how they display their wares–often through plastic–and new vendors, like Cooperstown Cheese, are having to introduce their products to you without the benefit of sampling. (Trust us, all of their cheeses are delicious).

We are all muddling through together. 

One thing we are very proud of is that Premier Pastures is joining the market this week. Farmer Jon McDonald is a trained ecologist and permaculturalist who is passionate about using rotational grazing to raise healthy livestock while healing and regenerating the pastures and woodlands on-site. He will be selling grass-fed beef, lamb, and poultry as well as woodlot-grazed pork. In keeping with our temporary "no dogs" rule during the pandemic, Jon will be leaving Scout (pictured below) at home on his Clinton Corners Farm.

FarmEATS will return to the market on June 13th and then our meat vendor trifecta will be complete.

We are so happy that the man we all fondly call "Joe Tomato" is back with his creamy mozzarella balls and Caprese sandwiches. Alas, his sandwiches must be take-out only for the time being. (The market felt just a little less whole without him last Saturday.)

Wright's Farm hopes to have their first strawberries of the season. Caradonna Farm will follow suit the following week. Our cold spring made them come late to market this year. Some things are worth the wait. For an easy dessert or snack, consider making balsamic strawberries. So simple: toss a pile of Wright's strawberries with a few tablespoons of Arlotta Food Studio's balsamic vinegar, a large pinch of sugar, and some freshly ground black pepper. Serve on a mess of Growing Heart Farm greens or a tangle of Letterbox Farm pea shoots, or a thick slice of sourdough bread from Wave Hill.

Look out and heads up! Stars of the Meadow Flower Farm is bringing their eye-popping peonies. Talk about being worth the wait!

On a practical note, we have asked our vendors to take credit cards whenever possible and for some, it's a difficult transition. We realize many of you are trying to go cashless right now, so we will be once again offering market "bucks" at the market tent should you find yourself in need of cash and don't want to leave the market to find an ATM. 

Also, Don Carvajal, our new coffee vendor, is setting up just outside of the market so you can buy a refreshing bottle of cold brew (and beans for the week) while you wait in the entry line to get into the market. Nice.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday and to another beautiful day at the market. 

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