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Strawberries and Saucisson Sec

People who shop regularly at farmers markets know that the experience is not limited to scoring good local grub. It's about meeting the makers and growers of said grub and, sometimes even, making friends. Of course you would stop at the Larchmont Charcuterie tent just to buy Daniel Teboul's saucisson sec, or his smoked duck breast or beef bresaola. But what makes this more than a mere transaction is that you might get an anecdote thrown in about Daniel's cross-country adventure in a Ford Galaxie 500 after moving here from Grenoble, France. Or he might ask you if you prefer the texture of this week's saucisson sec compared to the last batch. His obsession with all meats cured is boundless.

As is his pride in his two grown daughters, Caroline and Nathalie, who often work alongside him under the tent. Daniel is making a special visit this week because he had to miss his last scheduled CFM stop last week. People like Daniel Teboul are why we shop at farmers markets.

And, vendors like Owen Gilroy from Black Creek Farm, who is joining us a little late this season. The cold early spring did a number on their wetland farm and their produce got a late start as a result. Plus, they are just completing a new Wash & Pack facility at the farm. But they plan to have more produce than ever as the summer wears on.

We love opening early in May but it does mean we have to wait patiently for some of the local fruit and produce to come in.

Fort Hill Farm is just pulling gorgeous carrots out of the ground.

And, we are happy to say the wait for strawberries is over!

Caradonna Farms is bringing plenty! (Wright's Orchard will most likely have them

the following week).

I plan to eat an entire quart out of hand. If you decide to save them for a fancy dessert consider macerating them in red wine with vanilla or making this simple strawberry tart with mascarpone.

If you end up going nuts and buying too many strawberries (is that even possible?) consider roasting them with honey. Here's how.

These are terrific slathered on a slice of sourdough bread, or astride buttermilk pancakes. Did you know that SOVA Farm is selling both fresh buttermilk and maple syrup at

their stand?

I guess a pancake breakfast is inevitable this long weekend.

We have a guest food truck this Saturday: Anthi's Greek Specialties. They will be dishing out spanakopita, zucchini falafel and traditional Greek salad among other things.

Supplement with moussaka, farro, arugula and burrata salad, and some taramasalata from Mr.s D's and go home for Big Fat Greek feast.

Wash it down with a strawberry gin smash made with Springbrook Hollow gin, natch.

See you at the market!

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