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Staying local for Thanksgiving? Embrace local at the CFM

I love that the official "summer" market season ends the weekend before Thanksgiving because it's always such a big day for shopping of course, but also because the gratitude for our farmers, bakers, crafters, and chefs who work so hard is so palpable at the market.

Of course, we at the Chappaqua Farmers Market are so grateful to you, our shoppers, who came every week during the pandemic and followed our strict protocols, allowing us to stay open. Not only did you stand patiently in line and get used to letting farmers handle your fruit and produce, but you kept your dogs at home for the longest time and, shopped swiftly as we asked you to.

And as taxing as all of this was, you stayed positive and you gave generously to our Food Pantry donation jar. Thanks to these donations, we were able to deliver 715 lbs. of fresh market food to the Mt. Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry. Our final push is this week.

If you'd like to donate for Thanksgiving, you can do so at the market, or you can go to and click on the donate button. Thank you in advance on behalf of all the families who will benefit from your generosity.

Thanksgiving will no doubt look different this year. There will be fewer faces around the table and the table may be your own instead of your sister's.

But the family recipes and holiday traditions don't have to change. You can still make your aunt Jane's favorite sweet potato casserole even if it means you'll be enjoying it a thousand miles apart, via Zoom. Or, this could be the year you break out and try new recipes since there will be fewer people and palates to please. Maybe even leaning toward the unfamiliar like this recipe for Brussels sprouts with pickled shallots and labneh (you can find labneh, a type of Greek yogurt that has been strained, at Yaranush on Central Ave.) Or you may decide to make this pear tart instead of your usual pumpkin pie (which you can buy at the market instead).

(Tomorrow, Nov. 18th, is the last day to pre-order a pie from Noble Pies for Thanksgiving!. The deadline for Nutmeg, who is also coming this week, is Friday, Nov. 20th).

Since we are lucky enough to have Hodgin's Harvest at the market, why not try this mushroom bread pudding this year?

This week, we bring you Michelle Adams who makes beautiful one-of-a-kind winter wreaths, to make sure your front door is decked out for the start of the holiday season. Little touches like these should bring some cheer to what will likely be a quieter holiday season this year.

Chocolate is always good for lifting spirits. Especially chocolate that's good for you! Enter Shimon Pinhas, a nutritionist who also makes chocolate under the label Raw Chocolate Love. "We choose the highest quality raw and organic ingredients to create healthy dark chocolate, full of superfoods, essential vitamins and minerals," says Shimon. Their organic chocolate not only tastes good, but feels good too, as it provides countless health benefits and none of the guilt.

When you're at the market on Saturday, don't forget to buy extra garlic, shallots, leeks and eggs for all the cooking/baking you'll be doing this week. (BTW: Letterbox Farm is back to selling its eggs in their bright green cartons that have always been their signature. They were out of stock for a long time and that left the folks at Letterbox out of sorts. All is well now. This gives me hope.

A gentle reminder that we will all take a much needed "pause" the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Then, we will re-open on Dec. 5th, 12th, and 19th at the same location. The December market hours are 9 to 1 p.m.

Shopping for Thanksgiving can be overwhelming. You're likely to forget something on your list or make a last-minute recipe swap. Please note that many of your favorite vendors will be at a pre-Thanksgiving pop-up market on Tuesday, the 24th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Ridge Hill Shopping Center right along Market St. There will be live music (Milton, at a distance) and prepared food and parking is FREE.

So, don't sweat it...there's a back-up!

See you at the market!

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