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Slowing down and ramping up

Summer's in full swing and we hope you've lined up a string of grilling nights with friends to make up for our lost year of socializing. It's officially time to unwind. Kebabs are always easy and fun to share with a large group. Plus, you can easily customize skewers if any of your guests have dietary preferences.

When I saw the fleshy apricots at the Caradonna Farm tent last week I immediately thought of this recipe for apricot and chicken kebabs with honey and thyme. Most of the ingredients can be found at the market (in addition to chicken and cheese, SOVA Farm also sells their own line of honey).

Grilled fish kebabs are also always a welcome surprise. I love that this recipe wedges a slice of lemon between each chunk of salmon which caramelizes beautifully on the grill adding a whole new depth of flavor. No reason not to do this for any fish kebab recipe, including this one with a Moroccan twist.

Speaking of Moroccan flavors, please give a warm welcome to Nahmias et Fils a new craft distillery based in Yonkers. Their signature spirit is Mahia, a traditional Moroccan spirit distilled from figs and anis seed. They also produce Rye, Bourbon and a "beer whiskey" distilled from Yonkers Brewery beer. Apparently, it's a thing.

Kontoulis Olive Oil is back this week and if I were you, in addition to their delectable finishing oil, I would buy a jar of their tapenade. So delicious on baguette from Bien Cuit or Wave Hill and you'll be happy to have to have it if neighbors pop by with some Manor Sangria in hand. This sangria, new to our market, is made with local fruit and comes in pretty Mason jars that serve two. A veritable party in a jar. Which is probably why they sold out last week and have asked to return this weekend.

Are you trying to get your child weaned off tater tots? Chappaqua native Emily Borgeest can help with her new Cauli Tots:  a healthy, quick alternative to your go-to child pleaser. Made with oat flour, vegan cheddar cheese, nutritional yeast, ground flaxseed, spices and salt. Vegan and gluten-free and surprisingly delicious.


While most of us see the end of June as the kick-off for well, kicking off our shoes, for farmers, it's just the opposite. End of June is crunch time for farmers. To wit, this excerpt from the Fort Hill Farm blog:

"It’s mid-June, and we are deep into the busiest part of the farming season. Each day can be a tug of war between all the tasks that are calling for attention. We meet twice daily to update the to-do list and to determine which tasks we have to get to right away, which we can let simmer a bit, and those that we have to let go of until the fall comes..."

Come out and support your local farmers. We are so proud and grateful to have 7 farms on the market plaza this year.

We have another great jazz band for you this weekend. Don't forget to buy a string bag to haul your groceries home!

See you at the market!

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