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Sauce makers and general tomato lovers

Letterbox Farm Collective is swimming in heirlooms. They are bringing a limited number of tomato flats to the Market on Saturday for the wholesale price of $30 — a 40% discount from their retail price. Reserve your flat by emailing them.

Did you know how canning got its start?
 According to Serious Eats, "in the late 1700s, Napoleon Bonaparte was looking for a way to dependably preserve food for his troops and so offered a cash prize to anyone who could produce a better method. After much experimentation, a French cook named Nicolas Appert discovered the packing, heating and sealing technique that is essentially what we use today.

Home canning has been popular in the U.S. since the late 1850s, when John L. Mason invented the first reusable jar with a screw-on lid. Canning technology gradually improved and in 1915, Alexander H. Kerr developed the two-part canning lid that we still use today.


This passage was plucked from a canning and pickling primer put out by SeriousEats  a few years ago. It's perfect for canning newbies ready to take the plunge.

Or, you could just feast on tomato sandwiches for a week given all the great bread, and olive oil, we have at the market.

Of course, Marti Wolfson, our demo chef extraordinaire, will be happy to answer any questions you may have about canning or seasonal ingredients at the market on Saturday.

 Given that the corn and tomatoes are filling the produce bins, she suggests this recipe for Thai carrot, tomato and corn bisque.

In his latest blog, David Lebovitz offers up this herbaceous tomato tart, a perfect use for extra heirlooms!

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