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Rockin' Moroccan and don't forget the herbs

In exactly one week you’ll be gathered around a table decked out with mashed potatoes, green beans, a favorite cranberry concoction, and, of course, a plump golden turkey at its center. Some say the turkey pales in comparison to the side dishes on this day, but we beg to differ if you’ve purchased your bird from either R&M or SOVA Farm this year. Whether you deep-fry, roast, or bbq your bird, we know you will taste the difference. (FYI – they still have a few birds left if you just found out you're hosting).

It’s going to be a busy week so make life a little easier on yourself on the run-up to Thursday. Buy some prepared entrees from Urban Bohemia or Mrs. D’s Mediterranean Delights.

If you have family or friends coming in as early as this weekend, pick up some scones from The Sconery, and Dough Co. bagels from Chappaqua's newest celebrity baker, Josh Small for brunch.

So much thought and preparation and anticipation goes into the Thanksgiving meal and yet it's over so quickly. Try and stretch it out a bit by serving soup as a starter... Moroccan carrot soup with its bright and earthy flavors. The flowers and microgreens are a nice touch. Serve with housemade sky-high buttermilk biscuits for some extra pizzazz.

Or get some Asian pears from Caradonna Farms and make an autumn salad, with frisée or mesclun, walnuts, blue cheese and maybe some charred squash and pickled red onion, to be eaten before the meal, so that each ingredient is appreciated. Or try this bitter greens salad with cranberry dressing.

(As far as I'm concerned, this is the cranberry's day to shine so insert them in as many preparations as possible from your apple cranberry pie to your cranberry tequila toddy.

Your Thanksgiving table should include a bevy of tried and true family or friend favorites, those sentimental dishes that anchor the day, or remind you of someone who is absent, perhaps (talking to you, green bean casserole). But there should always be at least one or two dishes that are fresh and new to the table. The dish that folks are going to talk about, like this winter squash agrodolce. If the dish is a winner, incorporate it into the holiday rotation.

Hopefully you’ve been practicing your pie-making. Worry not, you can still order pies from Nutmeg Bakery and Noble Pies, both here this week.

We are extremely excited to bring you a new food truck this week: The Fearless Cooking Company. Jodie and Stephen Rocchio have converted a horse trailer (yes, a horse trailer) into a cozy kitchen on wheels dishing out tagine and other Moroccan dishes made with local ingredients that are out of the world.

They made their Morning Glory Markets debut in Hastings last week and within a couple of hours everything on their menu was scratched out – as in sold out. They also make a mean breakfast biscuit, too, for those of you who want to get an early start on your big shop on Saturday and need to fuel up first.

Looking for a special hostess gift? La Petite Occasion is in the house and so are Cooper’s Daughter Spirits and Manor Sangria. If you want something longer lasting, pick up some beautiful ceramics from local potter Cari-Anne Francis.

This is your annual friendly reminder to buy lots of rosemary, thyme and parsley, shallots, garlic and leeks on Saturday, along with extra eggs and honey, too. You’ll be kicking yourself Wednesday night when you realize you need any one of these ingredients. You’re welcome.

In this week of giving thanks, we’d like to thank you, our shoppers, for your staunch support of the market. We would not have the quality lineup of vendors we have if you did not come out to support them week after week. So give yourself a pat on the back for the part you play in making it all possible. We thank you!

A reminder that we are closed the Saturday after Thanksgiving so that our farmers can all enjoy a rest and some family time of their own. We will reopen Dec. 3rd at 9 a.m and again Dec. 10th and Dec. 17th, after which we fold up the tents until next spring. Dec. 10th is our “holiday” market so you can expect lots of great local makers in addition to your favorite vendors.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday and wish you all a safe and delicious holiday.

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