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Rhubarb, Radishes and Glean on Me

Astaire & Rogers. Kevin Hart & The Rock. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It's hard to imagine enjoying rhubarb without strawberries. And yet, rhubarb has been showing up solo and early to the market party so far. Last week, I saw someone eye the rhubarb at the Orchards of Concklin tent and instinctively scan the table for strawberries. When he didn't see any, he passed on the rhubarb. What a shame! Rhubarb is the Cher of spring market offerings. It can do just fine on its own (Sonny, who?), thank you very much.

Don't believe me? put together this list of absolutely wonderful things you can do with rhubarb (without strawberries) from syrup for cocktails to ice pops and crumbles. Shy about cooking with what looks like pink celery? Check out this primer on all things rhubarb. (The primer also includes tips on how to freeze rhubarb for the traditionalists among you want to save it for when the strawberries come in.) For rhubarb enthusiasts, Pie Lady & Son is selling straight-up rhubarb pies this weekend in limited quantities.


How lucky are we? Although not on the schedule this week, the DoughNation Pizza Truck had such a good time last week, they are adding an extra visit to their calendar. Last Saturday pizza-meister Rob Jones was layering wild ramps and McGrath's buttery Victoria aged cheese onto his market pies. What will he do this week? I love watching him scan the produce bins for inspiration at the start of the market while he waits for the oven to heat up to a respectable 800° F. And the campfire smell adds to the whole experience, natch.

The white turnips from Letterbox Farm and the lipstick-red radishes from Black Creek Permaculture Farm looked so pretty together on a cutting board with hummus from Carrot Top Kitchen and Ms. D's one night this week. They were just as lovely shredded and tucked into tangy fish tacos the following night.

Speaking of cutting boards—the feedback on C-Los Carpentry was tremendous. We are so excited that this craftsman has joined our ranks this season. This Saturday, another craftsman, Charles Lazarus, of The Misshapened Bowl, will be here with his exquisite bowls, all fashioned from fallen local trees from cherry to ash and maple. Thinking of having a tree cut on your property? Talk to Charles on Saturday about saving some of the wood for a memento.

Please welcome our new honey vendor Honeybrook Farm, from Pine Bush, NY bringing jars of golden unfiltered honey from Hudson Valley hives.

This Saturday, the CFM is kicking off its Glean on Me campaign to help those who in our community who are less fortunate. When you buy a head of lettuce, a bunch of radishes or apples, a loaf of bread or a carton of eggs, pick up one extra to drop off in our donation basket at the market tent. At the end of the market, one of our volunteers will deliver the basket to the Mt. Kisco Food Pantry. Would rather give cash? The market will buy protein (chicken, ground beef) with any cash donations and deliver those as well. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Glean on Me will happen every THIRD Saturday of the month.

See you at the market!

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