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It seems as though September just started and here we are, halfway through the month already! Calendars (both social and academic) are filling quickly but we're here to help with some quick dinners which are as easy as they are tasty.

This Steak, Potatoes and Tomatoes with Quick Chimichurri is a great way to showcase those juicy late summer tomatoes, tender early season potatoes and top quality beef the market has to offer. Both FarmEats and R&M Farms can set you up with a boneless strip or hangar steak. You'll find bunches of fragrant herbs like tarragon and basil and plump heads of garlic in the produce bins. Stop by the Arlotta Food Studio tent for some aromatic olive oil. To save time, pick up a jar of 4E Green Farm’s house chimichurri.

If chicken’s your choice, how about Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini Boats, or stuff peppers or eggplant; whatever floats your boat? SOVA Farms and R&M Farm both have outstanding chicken, or for the vegetarian, sub out the chicken with beans or lentils.

For another vegetarian option, try this flavorful fall twist on the classic caprese salad that will delight - and surprise - your dinner guests. You should be eking out every recipe you can from those fleeting late summer tomatoes. Plan to get to the market early for Joe Tomato’s fresh and creamy mozzarella because he typically sells out before noon.

If you miss Joe’s cheese, you’re probably just in time for Mrs. D’s Mediterranean Delights. Danae makes some of the best spanakopita, moussaka, baklava and other weekly surprises, this side of the Mediterranean. Toss a quick salad of market greens and chopped vegetables and/or fruits to compliment any meal.

DYK: The best weather for growing arugula is when days are warm and nights are cool.

Another way to showcase late summer’s fruit array is in this Ricotta Toast with Plums and Hot Honey. Peaches or pears would work as well and the blueberries too have been exceptionally fine.

Restock your spirits for all those upcoming fall festivities. Manor Sangria, Neversink Spirits and Cooper’s Daughter can all help with that. Looking to try something a little different: check out this cocktail recipe menu.

It’s highly recommended you talk with your favorite vendors this week to reserve your Rosh Hashanah meal ingredients for pickup the following Saturday. Brisket, chicken, lamb, special desserts, and challahs (Bohemian Baked for gluten-free.) all sell quickly on holiday weekends.

A couple new breakfast items gaining market popularity are Bella’s Bakeshop bacon, egg and cheese croissants and Ambrosia Juicery food truck’s açaí bowls. That’ll get you fueled for some power shopping.

See you on Saturday!

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