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Peaches and Pizza

We have good news and even better news. First, there should be plenty of apricots and peaches for everyone at the market this week. For me, it's not really summer until the first stone fruit hit the bins. And then I just can't get enough of them because I know how much I'll miss them come fall.

Here's a  recipe for a divine Romanian apricot yogurt cake that I will be making this weekend.

In other good news, the Dough Nation Pizza truck is back! Alas, we are still not allowing dining at the market. However, you can order your pie from Rob the pizza maestro before you shop and pick it up on your way out. Be sure to tell Rob how long you plan to be so that the pizza is piping hot when you pick it up. If you prefer, you can order your pie after your shop. Put your order in, then tuck your groceries in your car and stand on line to wait for your pie, six feet away from your fellow pizza lover. 

No doubt, Rob will spy the fancy mushrooms at Hodgins Harvest for his popular market pie. If you want to try your own mushroom pie at home, consider making a mushroom galette.

A galette is a rustic, free-form open-faced tarte and the beauty of it is that you don't even need a special pan... you just fold the edge of your crust onto itself to rein in the savory or sweet filling of your choice. This galette is packed with mushrooms, fresh herbs, and creme fraiche. What's not to love? 

Pick up some glorious greens from Growing Heart Farm and some beer from Broken Bow Brewery to serve with your galette. And then invite some close friends to dine with far apart and outside.

Fancy a gin cocktail first? Great, Neversink Spirits is here to help you restock your bar cart. You might need to get your paring knife sharpened to shave off your lemon zest for that cocktail. Thank goodness, the knife sharpener will also be here. 

See you at the market!

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