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Make it a local Thanksgiving

From your bird to your bread to the buttermilk for your brine,and, yes, even your booze, you can find everything you need at the market this Saturday to make your Thanksgiving meal extra special.

Save yourself the hassle and frenzy of last-minute supermarket shopping and get what you can at the market on Saturday: kale, potatoes (Fort Hill has so many varieties!), sweet potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts and apples.

But also basics like olive oil, leeks, garlic and shallots so that you don't run short on Thanksgiving. (I once had to do a last-minute run to the store to get more shallots on Thanksgiving morning and will never be caught short again!) I often add shallots to any recipe that calls for onions because they add a delicate flavor that straddles sweet and sharp. They are also a base for a classic vinaigrette. It's a good idea to put a basic green salad (escarole or frisée) on the table as a palate-cleansing counterpoint to all the rich food offerings.

It would be a shame not to use some of SOVA Farm's delicious honey in a recipe.

This cranberry sauce with red wine, ginger and honey adds just the right tang to the table.

Speaking of... don't forget to buy a one-pound log (or two!) of Kreimhild dairy meadow butter from SOVA Farm. You'll need it for your pie crusts, yes, but also to elevate your green beans and your mashed potatoes.

Want to do something different with potatoes this year? Why not try this show-stopping potato gratin.

This cornbread, mushroom and kale one-skillet stuffing gets raves and contains so many market ingredients I had to include it. It also happens to be gluten-free. Feel free to add sausage from Mangalitsa or Premier Pastures. I tend to lean toward wild rice stuffings myself, only because I'd rather eat my Wave Hill or Bien Cuit bread on the side. This wild-rice dressing can double as a grain dish. Double the herbs, always! If you're looking for an excuse to use Mangalitsa bacon, consider making this Brussels sprouts and bacon recipe.

Trying to decide which apples to buy for pie? Let the experts at the farmer's almanac be your guide.

Also, you should be thinking about the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Wouldn't some some Hamov Eh red pepper and walnut dip taste great on a turkey sandwich? Or bread and butter pickles from Doc Pickle? This is Hamov Eh's last visit of the year so stock up! Her sauces/dips freeze beautifully.

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery, Hillrock Estate and Manor Sangria will all be here to help you stock your bar for the next few weeks of festivities.

Did you know that Doc Pickle sells a martini mix?

Lastly, you'll need a little something to dress up your door for when guests arrive. How about a twig winter wreath from Michelle Adams Wreaths? All of her foraged creations are one of a kind and so stunning. There's a reason she leads wreath workshops! Or you can buy one as a gift for your hosts if you are guesting on Thanksgiving. A box of caramels or toffee from La Petite Occasion always makes people happy.

We've invited 4-E Farms to join us in Chappaqua this Saturday to fill in for Black Creek Farm which is struggling with flooded fields. This is a family-owned and operated farm on Long Island. They grow in the field but also in a series of greenhouses, which allows them to grow a variety of vegetables later in the season than most farms. They are known for their loose-leaf sorrel, mizuna, baby kale, mustard and baby lettuce. Their spicy salad mix is insanely good.

How fitting, the upbeat, swinging Richard Cortez Band, will be in the music tent bringing you the best of the Great American Songbook. Next month they are performing at the historic Birdland Theater. Grab a flyer!

Again we'd like to thank Sari Shaw at COMPASS for her generous sponsorship of our fabulous music this season.

A reminder that we are closed the Saturday after Thanksgiving but will reopen for the first three Saturdays in December from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Wishing you all a delicious and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday!

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