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Lots of "treats" and some "tricks" at the market this Saturday

Birdie's Batch joins our CFM lineup this week. Sara Cann and her mother ramped up their baking after the pandemic started, formed an L.L.C in June, and have quickly become the talk of local farmer's markets for the quality and artistry of their baked goods and jams as well as their inspired stall decor. 

In the spirit of the spooky holiday,  they will be bringing gift baskets filled with Halloween-themed sugar cookies, shortbread "fingers," and skull-shaped devil food cakes. They will also be selling non-scary pumpkin cake donuts with a maple glaze, coffee cake, and their popular, rustic jams all made with local fruit. Their apple jelly is divine on a crisped slice of pain de mie from Bien Cuit Bakery.

What can parents tuck into while the kids raid their candy haul? How about a pumpkin, pear custard, or banana cream pie from Nutmeg Bakery? Even better when served with a  warming glass of bourbon from Springbrook Hollow Distillery.

Less sugar more honey? Fly Honey Farm joins our ranks on Halloween. This hyper-local apiary places hives on nearby rooftops and in small gardens (in the 914/845 area codes only), allowing bees to flourish amongst a TON of local resources.

We have two tricks to make your weekday dinners a snap this week:

First, guest vendor Jody Hunter, a longtime Rivertowns and NYC chef, has started her own soup company. She will be here on Saturday selling Moroccan spiced lamb with chickpeas and kale, curried cauliflower potato & coconut and bean, barley, mushrooms & bacon. Think you might need to eat clean after a weekend of sweets? She also makes a chicken bone immunity booster broth. 

Quick dinner trick no. 2?

Frozen sourdough pizza dough from 123 Dough.

While we’ll never be able to replicate a Dough Nation pie at home, homemade pizza just got a little bit easier and a whole lot tastier with these pizza crusts which you should absolutely pre-order. Buy one (or two or three) and top with pesto and hand-pulled mozzarella from Joe Tomato, fancy mushrooms from Hodgin's Harvest or fresh clams from Pura Vida. Make sure to pick up some herbs from Black Creek Farm to season your pies.

Finally, this is the last day of the season to buy live lobster at the market. Why not ditch the stockpot and cook them on the grill instead? 

The Sustainability Advisory Board will be at the market this weekend selling composting kits with liners and large leaf bags. If your family doesn't compost yet, this is the time to start!

See you at the market!

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