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Lions, Tigers and Bears?

Last week, the sturdy blue potatoes from Fresh Meadow Farm stole the show; thanks for showing them some Chappaqua love! Guess what’s on offer at the Fresh Meadow tent this week? Glorious mushrooms! Certified organic oyster mushrooms (Blue, Yellow, and King Trumpet), Maitake (aka Hen of the Woods), Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and a special sampler mix. These beauties are grown on an organic substrate of bean hulls and millet (so no need to worry about gluten contamination). They’re also grown under lights to enhance their vitamin D content. You already know that mushrooms are a good source of protein and vitamin D. In addition to that, they’re also one of the few non-animal sources of B vitamins. Plus, they’re packed with flavor and are a great substitute for meat in many dishes. What’s not to love?!

What to do with your new treasure trove of mushrooms? Fresh Meadow swears by a gentle sautée in a little butter or sesame oil. Simply prepared this way, Lion’s Mane is reminiscent of lobster, while oyster mushrooms are meaty and almost steak-like. Add a little thyme, rosemary, or other fresh herb and serve over your favorite pasta shape from La Trafila or polenta. Add some wilted garlicky greens from Obercreek Farm and you’ve got Saturday’s dinner all teed up!

And to accompany this heavenly meal? Manor Sangria’s Summer Blend is back in stock. Huzzah! it’s not called a party in a jar for nothing! Or maybe try Springbrook Hollow’s light and tangy Two Sisters limoncello mixed with prosecco and a splash of seltzer, garnished with a lemon wedge.

Over at Obercreek Farm, you’ll find, in addition to their lovely, leafy greens, summer squash, cucumbers, fennel, beets and the first shishitos of the year. Orchard Hill Organics will have racy tiger-striped heirloom tomatoes this week, perfect for slicing.

Make your own market salad with the aforementioned lettuce mix, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives from DocPickle and Painted Goat feta from the SOVA Farm tent. Perhaps MOMO Dressing to top it all off?

Spain at Home’s giant bubbling paella pan will be wafting saffron throughout the market. Eltee’s Goods, the versatile condiment you never knew you needed, offers delicious tomato jam, in graduating levels of heat. Dollop some Tommy en Provence onto a hunk of Wave Hill Bread baguette and top off with a slab of Joe Tomato’s fresh mozzarella. Asian Farmer Dumplings will be on the plaza and will satisfy your longing for all things ramen and dumpling!

Stone fruits are certainly having their moment! Caradonna Farm is your go-to for plump peaches for this Simple Summer Peach Cake. Still hankering for succulent blueberries? This Blueberry Challah Pandowdy is a delight! Be sure to snag the braided challah you'll need from Bien Cuit before they sell out!

In the “you can’t make this stuff up” category, Jeremy James, of SMOK’D fame, was trapped in his home by a bear last weekend and was unable to attend markets! That bear has remarkably fine taste in food! Here’s hoping Jeremy is unaccosted by wildlife and able to make it safely to our market this weekend. You know you love his pit-cooked chicken and smoked ribs! Please come to the market hungry, because in addition to DoughCo Bagels (have you tried the rosemary and salt??), Leila’s Crepe Truck will offer market-specific crepes!

Music is by Sam Brown. See you at the market!

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