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Let the grilling season begin

After a dreary, snowless winter followed by a cool wet spring, we have totally earned the beautiful weekend heading our way this Memorial Day,

We hope you’re making plans to host friends and family because the market will be bountiful this Saturday.

For starters, we are so happy to welcome SOVA FARM and BLACK CREEK FARM back to the market plaza. SOVA will have their certified organic pasture-raised chicken (whole and parts) waiting to kiss the grill and those hefty, yolky, flavorful eggs they are known for. (Yes, they will be bringing that Kreimhild butter, too).

Speaking of black dirt country, we hope you enjoyed the variety of culinary mushrooms from Madura Farms on opening day. They are back this Saturday for your frittata and spring risotto pleasure. Try one of their yawning, meaty portobellos on the grill for the non meat-eaters in your clan. (FYI if you’re a fungi fanatic, we’ve got you covered this season: on Saturdays when Madura Farms is not here, you can find a beautiful array of mushrooms at the Fresh Meadow Farm tent).

Caradonna Farms will be bringing their first strawberries of the season this week.

Make this David Tanis parfait to celebrate! A divine dessert in just 15 minutes. Strawberries are so often paired with rhubarb, but consider the strawberry’s other bestie, honey! Try tossing fresh strawberries with honey and slow roasting them before you drop them on a slice of toasted pain de mie from Bien Cuit, or on your favorite vanilla ice cream. Hudson River Apiaries has such a warm-colored range of honey options from clover to wildflower, all sourced from bees just miles from the train station. Invest in a huge mason jar so you are set for iced tea and lemonade, and Bee’s Knees cocktails for the rest of the summer! Local honey is just what you need to cope with all the pollen allergies this spring. Annie’s Ginger Elixir, also here this week, can help with just about everything else!

Caradonna Farms is bringing the last of their leggy asparagus to make this spring pasta salad, SOVA has the feta and of course La Trafila is your destination for all things pasta.

Black Walnut Bourbon may be Cooper's Daughter’s signature spirit, but they also make seasonally-infused vodkas like rhubarb. Why not try a Rhubarb Mule this weekend?

  • 2 oz Cooper’s Daughter Rhubarb & Honey Vodka

  • 1/2 lime squeezed

  • 10 drops habanero lime bitters

  • top with ginger beer

  • garnish with slice of lime

We’re so excited to introduce a new item at the market that is sure to please: Raw Chocolate Love is now making a super healthy hazelnut spread with his dark chocolate. As much as I hate putting Nutella in the same sentence as Raw Chocolate Love, Shimon’s version of this popular sweet spread is so much more refined... and healthy! In other sweet news, Noble Pies is bringing blueberry pie in addition to strawberry rhubarb this weekend.

We’ve gotten so many lovely comments about bein TIOLI shed again, and that our Green Tree textile recycling bin has moved with us. It's such a nice feature to be able to lighten your load, so to speak, and maybe even find a treasure, on your way to the market each week. Speaking of treasures... if you need a special end of the year gift for a special teacher, or for a grad setting up their first apartment, pick up a beautiful vase or bowl from Chloe Sikirica Pottery. See you at the market!

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