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Let's spoil dad together

On their special day, Moms get treated to brunch and Dads get to...barbecue. Maybe this is the year we shake things up and the family lets Dad sip a cocktail while others cook? No matter who is in charge of the grill, the CFM has everything you could possibly need to put on it, from swordfish steaks, to juicy ribeyes to plump chicken thighs. Need a marinade? Head to MOMO Dressing.

It’s not quite zucchini or eggplant season, but there are so many other vegetables to toss on the grill. Sam, at Fresh Meadow Farm can make some suggestions from their offerings which will be ramping up very soon. The cold, wet spring has been hard on our farmers this year. Pick up some cheese from Second Mouse (love their little goat cheese crottins) and some charcuterie from Goode & Local to nosh on while you wait for the feast.

In the beverage department, we have gone out of our way to make sure you are covered this week from beer (Broken Bow) to sangria (Manor Sangria) to locally distilled spirits. Treat Dad to some high-end sipping vodka at the 1857 Spirits tent. Or some zippy Limoncello or Adirondack Rye from Springbrook Hollow.

If you want to make brunch for Dad, too, we’re not going to stop you! In fact, we encourage you to buy SOVA Farm eggs and some chicken bacon (yes, that's right) from R&M Farms to make it extra delicious.

For dessert, pick up a strawberry rhubarb pie from Nutmeg Bakery or a 100 percent organic cake from Red Barn Bakery.

Pitmaster Jeremy James of SMOK’D is back with his rotisserie hens cooked on a spit right at the market. Remember—he runs out quickly! This is one case where the early worm gets the bird. Don’t fret if he runs out before you get to the market because you can just wander down the aisle and pick up some authentic paella from Spain at Home. Not exactly a “consolation” prize.

Our featured musician this week is Sam Brown, highly recommended by Milton himself. (They often perform at Joe's Pub together). Sam is a lifelong singer, performing a mix of country, pop, soul, and rock, originals and covers from Aretha Franklin to Dolly Parton.

Our community groups this week are: No Kid Hungry, Rotary Club and iCamp.

A hearty congrats to all the Greeley grads and their parents!

How can you go wrong by spending your Saturday morning with us?

See you at the market!

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