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Last chance for Dough Nation Pizza and knife sharpening

Whatever this unusually warm November weather portends for global warming, it certainly made this week's harvest a lot more pleasant for our hard-working farmers. 

What are they bringing to market this week?

Lots of winter squash, as you can imagine, garlic, leeks, Concord grapes, the last of the late summer plums, and more Romanesco Broccoli. Don't be afraid of this spiky, lime-green Brassica. It tastes more like nutty cauliflower than broccoli and those who've tried it are hooked.

Chef David Tanis, whose straightforward recipes never disappoint, suggests making this baked romanesco with mozzarella and olives. Given the ingredient list, it seems Tanis had our market in mind when he developed this dish. 

Blondery returns this week. If you have someone celebrating a birthday or other sweet milestone this week, consider her "cake in a jar." For those among you shying away from all things gluten, Bohemian Baked will bring her popular bagels, cookies and muffins.  

If you haven't tried Aya Hummus' roasted garlic, poblano & jalapeño hummus, you should! It's one of my new favorite things at the market. 

This is your last chance to stock up on Neversink Spirits'  highly-regarded eau de vie (brandy) all made with local apples or pears. Because despite this week's spate of sunshine, the cold weather is coming.

Did you know that Arlotta Food Studio sells both regular and white balsamic vinegar? Chefs prefer white balsamic because it has the same flavor profile but it doesn't turn your salads brown. Something to consider for your delicate endive or shaved fennel salad come the holidays. You can read all about white vinegar here.

Counting the days before your Thanksgiving meal? No need. Pick up a Thanksgiving Pie from Nutmeg Bakery/Cafe. It's filled with all things "Thanksgiving:"roasted turkey, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry-orange sauce.

Rose, our market manager, fell very hard for this latest addition to the ever-expanding Nutmeg menu.

Your Thanksgiving gathering may be smaller due to Covid-19 but you still will need to carve your turkey, so don't forget to bring your carving knives to Matt, our knife sharpener. Bring your dull scissors, too, to make your holiday gift-wrapping a breeze.

Make sure to grab a Dough-Nation caramelized lemon or market pie this Saturday as it's their last visit to the market this season. 

See you at the market!

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