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It's beginning to feel like summer!

And summer means SALADS! Did you see the head-turning heads of lettuce at the Fresh Meadow Farm tent last week? What a perfect canvas for a composed salad, with market fixings of your choice.

My father was the king of the chopped salad. Like him, I always have a half dozen hard-boiled eggs in a bowl in the fridge poised to jump into any type of chopped salad. Roasted beets, ruby red or saffron orange, are also a great add, for color, texture and deep flavor.

Local beets and farm eggs come together beautifully in this David Tanis spring/summer salad, or in this salad with greens and coriander yogurt dressing.

Like your salads “meaty”? Use salad greens as a base for this skirt steak salad. Prefer fish in your salad? Try this Persian salad with salmon and couscous and cucumber feta dressing that is packed with flavor (and mint!).

Madura Farms Mushrooms is in the house so make sure to pick up a pound of mixed mushrooms to make some Sunday morning omelets (it’s a thing at our house).

Never made a mushroom omelet? Here’s a classic recipe that is foolproof.

If you’re looking for something to eat at the market, pick up a beef or chicken empanada from Villa Emilia Empanadas (Don't forget the chimichurri!) Or, enjoy a market pie straight from the Dough Nation Pizza Truck's wood-burning oven. June is a busy month for gift-giving. If you need something special for someone special stop at the Chloe Sikirica tent for some unique pottery. The market has been such a joyful place to converge in the past few weeks. We really look forward to it every week, and hope you do, too.

See you at the market!

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