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Got Saturday plans? Make the indoor market one of them.

Yes, the holidays are over. But you still have to eat. And, why not eat well? If your 2019 resolutions are to eat less, I say eat better. And if simplifying is part of your 2019 mantra, then remember: the fresher the ingredients, the less you have to fuss over them to achieve great taste and flavor.

How fresh is the product we sell at the Chappaqua Farmers Market? Captain Rick, of Pura Vida, who catches the beautiful fish you see at the market each week sent me this clip of his last haul.

Other things to look for at the market this week: Treelicious Orchard, a new vendor for us, is bringing crates of cauliflower and broccoli and Brussels sprouts. On New Year’s Eve, I had brunch at Augustine in NYC where I devoured a Brussels Sprouts, shiitake mushroom and Gruyere omelet. So easy to replicate with tangy Rascal cheese from McGrath Cheese Co. and the meaty mushrooms at Letterbox Farms. And of course, those very fine eggs from Stone & Thistle or Letterbox Farm.

If you did not buy some of the Treelicious Arkansas Black apples at the last market, make sure you buy plenty this week. Arkansas Black apples are vivid red to dark purple with a somewhat waxy skin. Its flesh is golden hued and juicy with a fine-grained and crisp texture. Its highly aromatic and sweet-tart flavor mellows and becomes more palatable with storage. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an Arkansas Black keeps away the snack attack. Seriously, these apples are so tart and flavorful, they will satisfy a multitude of cravings.

What do I crave most after a few weeks of excesses? Leafy greens. Fortunately, Sun Sprout Farm has lots of sweet baby spinach, baby kale, arugula, pea shoots, spicy micro mix, mild micro mix and micro arugula. All their greens are certified organic and have been pre-washed so all you have to do is dress them. MOMO Dressing can help with that!

Also here this week, La Petite Occasion with her candy cane caramels. As I said, don’t deny yourself indulgences. Just make better choices. Like hand-made, small batch caramels that have been voted the Best in Westchester. Caramel queen Michele Kim had an interesting post on her blog this week about the value of shopping farmer’s markets after visiting the newest supermarket in town. You can check it out here.

Other things to look forward to this week: Spoon me Soups is now making ramen soup base so that you can make quick and easy ramen bowls at home any day of the week. All you have to add is your choice of soba or buckwheat or udon noodles, pork belly, salmon or tuna, soft-boiled egg and some baby greens or scallions. Easy peasy. And so heartwarming on a cold night in January.

Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at the Chappaqua Farmers Market. We hope this is the year you choose to spend more quality time in the kitchen with your family, using quality ingredients from the farmer’s market!

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