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Fresh Bagels, Ginger Elixir and Electric Cars at the market this week

You blinked and now October is at the door.

Suddenly you’re digging through your drawers for long sleeves and knits and egads socks! It’s not quite coat weather by any stretch but it is cozy weather and that means soup!

Soup is the perfect transition food. It’s also ideal for busy weeknights when served with a market salad and crusty bread. So easy and satisfying. It’s also the perfect way to showcase the beautiful fall produce at the market these days. This New York Times recipe for roasted cauliflower soup with cumin and coriander is a staple at my house where cumin is king. Also a fan favorite, this sesame ginger chicken noodle soup made only better by using SOVA Farms chicken and Orchard Hill Organics gorgeous fresh ginger. You can get your ramen noodles from Asian Farmer Dumplings, of course, and though the recipe doesn't call for it, the addition of their Szechuan Chili Oil would be simply perfect.

And, speaking of ginger, we have a new vendor visiting us this week: Annie’s Ginger Elixir Tea. Annie Bassin’s tea is supercharged with organic hibiscus, elderberries, blueberries, cranberries and currants for a serious immunity boost. Good for your gut, too! Make sure to check out this new vendor as “cozy” weather and the change of seasons also means colds and sniffles.

Here's a recipe for a tangy carrot ginger dressing you can make yourself. Unless of course, you are hooked on MOMO's ginger dressing (and who isn’t?)

We are also so happy to bring you DoughCo. bagels, a new vendor who is also a Chappaqua native. Josh Small was headed for the world of finance in Chicago when, not finding any bagels to his liking there, he set out to make the perfect bagel himself. He is now back in New York baking several hundred a week using local malt and local flour which, trust us, makes all the difference. The bagels come in the classic varieties: plain, sesame, onion and “everything.” And, Josh seasons both sides of his bagels, not just the top. Grab some kimchi from Forward Roots Kimchi and make the perfect kimchi bagels this weekend! (You can freeze some to break fast next week, but make sure you taste one made fresh on Saturday).

Sometimes new seasons bring on even bigger changes: Blondery is rebranding itself as Peekskill Cookie Company. Baker Auzerais Bellamy has opened a storefront in Peekskill by that name and is trading in her signature compact blondies for big, broad bakery-style cookies. And, because it's Auzerais with her incredible pastry chef pedigree, you know they will be irresistible.

Other things to look forward to this weekend: Marcelina Orange and her delectable marmalade and bittersweet orange peels dipped in dark chocolate; Freefall Sangria for a cozy nip by the patio fire, and Charles and his hand-turned, head-turning Misshapened Bowls made from the wood of fallen local cherry, ash and maple trees. Charles is thinking of retiring soon, so if you've been coveting his craftsmanship, now is the time to buy one of his one-of-a-kind pieces.

Also come check out our Electric Vehicle car show this weekend in conjunction with the New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board. There will be 6-8 different types of electric cars on display and information on hand about the benefits of owning EVs.

Please stop by Greeley's SHARE Club table (Students Have A Responsibility Everywhere). They are promoting/fundraising for the annual Spelling Bee at the high school (Oct 17th!) which raises money for the Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund.

Finally, it's never too early to order your Thanksgiving Turkey. Ryan at R&M Farms is starting to take orders.

See you at the market!

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