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Feeling blue (potatoes)?

As you are like-minded fresh and local foodies, we know that you’ll understand the excitement with which we announce the appearance of blue potatoes at the Fresh Meadow Farm tent! These hundred-year-old heirlooms have a short growing season, so enjoy them now. How? For a dish that’s as visually stunning as it is scrumptious, try this Blue Steak and Potatoes. Pick up a New York strip steak from R&M Farm and add spinach from Obercreek Farm; you'll find nearly every single ingredient you'll need at Saturday’s market.

​​Another important market announcement: Ready Set Sharp! will be joining us. Matt will sharpen your knives, scissors, lawn mower blades, and more while you shop! And we’re thrilled to introduce you to Two Roses Gourmet. Over the past five years, Paul has developed various foods for his gluten-free wife, but his crowning achievement is a chocolate chip cookie that checks all the boxes relating to good health and great taste...and is free from almost all allergens. His cookies are Paleo, Vegan, Organic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Low on the glycemic index, but mostly they're simply delicious! Please offer him a warm Chappaqua welcome, and treat yourself to a cookie (or three).

Spirits Lab is back with their refreshing cocktails-in-a-can. We think their East End Southside (East End Gin, fresh lime, organic agave nectar, and mint) poured over several large ice cubes, is just the ticket for a warm summer evening. Simply Masala makes Saturday’s dinner so easy to plan! Pick up a sag paneer (our favorite) seasoning pack and add your choice of market protein and greens from Black Creek Farm. Want to grab something to eat as you stroll the market? Villa Emilia Empanadas or a DoughCo Bagel will help you power through.

If your fridge needs a refresh after your 4th of July celebration, AYA Hummus is always a good idea. Pair Jenny’s Mindful (Lemon and Garlic) with a crusty baguette from Bien Cuit Bakery. Pro tip: Jenny recommends whisking your favorite hummus into olive oil (Arlotta is our choice) to create a bespoke salad dressing. Jenny's hummus is also divine on a veggie burger from Plantidote Foods, also here this week. Stock up! Elevate your pasta game with a stop by La Trafila, keep hydrated with a visit to Fairy Juice Bar. Don't let a summer cold ruin your vacation! Stay super healthy with a bracingly delicious bottle of Annie's Ginger Elixir.

Bring your young children to the center lawn for story time at 10 a.m. hosted by the Chappaqua Library.

Dough Nation Pizza Truck will be wood firing special market pies and music is by Milton; we've got a fantastic market planned, come and join us.

See you at the market!

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