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Dipping into fall

And so here we are. After a string of glorious, sunny summer Saturdays, we are gifted a first autumn market day that promises to be sunny.

What a difference a year makes. This time last year our farmers were underwater, literally, after weeks of relentless rain. Black Creek was harvesting from a small rowboat. 

This year, our farmers are humming as they harvest. And why shouldn't they? Their bounty is as beautiful as it is, well, bountiful.

Concord grapes arrived a couple of weeks ago. Grab them early because they do fly!

They are so delicious out of hand, and so perfect on a cheese board with scattered almonds and a wedge of McGrath Victoria cheese.

Try your hand at making Concord grape jelly at home. It's super easy and nothing like the over-sweet jelly you'll find at the supermarket. And the peppers! Red, yellow, orange, all bursting with sweetness. 

Try this Food52 recipe for peperonata, a simple pepper stew that can be added to a slice of ciabatta or focaccia or layered on top of a fillet of baked fish, or slices of flank steak. 

Roast as many as you can while you still can. Homemade roasted peppers always taste better than store-bought and are so nice to have around to toss into (and instantly elevate) a sandwich, a pasta dish or a salad. Here's a primer just in case you're not sure how to do it. Your house will smell delicious for hours. 

Growing Hearts Farm is now bringing purple tomatillos, sweeter than the more common yellow/orange variety.

We are so happy to welcome Bobo's Cafe to the market this week. They recently took over the Chappaqua Station spot. They will be pouring locally-roasted Path coffee and serving some of their most popular breakfast muffins. Wave Hill Breads will have braided challah for the holiday weekend. Shoppers can pre-order for pick-up at the market by calling 203-762-9595.

Silvia's Kitchen is here this week. Silvia is so fortunate to come from a large loving family. You never know who is going to show up at the market with her...her mother who lives in Argentina, her sister who lives in London. All the relatives are so eager to share Silvia's prowess in the kitchen and the desserts of their childhood. Her alfajores, traditional crumbly butter cookie sandwiches filled with dulce de leche and flecked with coconut are irresistible and very authentic.

Also here, Heimat with their award-winning, handcrafted liqueurs made with fruit all locally sourced: flavors include rhubarb, white peach, and Bosc pear.

Milton will be performing this Saturday. A songwriter’s songwriter, known for his lyric craft, distinctive voice and soulful songs steeped in classic rhythm and blues, pop, jazz, folk and country, Milton first gained notoriety in his hometown New York City when his song “In The City” became a hit on New York’s WFUV radio. Milton has toured extensively throughout the states as a headliner and appeared as support for Joan Osborne, Steve Earle, Sonny Landreth, Colin Hay, Kat Edmonson, Josh Ritter and many more.

See you in the market!

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