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Cut loose with carrots

I love scrolling through our farmers' Instagram posts, especially pictures shot in the field. The folks at Fort Hill Farm always seem to be having so much fun. Take this picture of them harvesting carrots last week. It's back-breaking work but you'd never know it from their broad-bean smiles. 

I like to think that happy harvesting makes for sweeter carrots which you should use in exciting new ways this month. Try this smoky carrot dip, for instance, which would be delicious as a "hummus" alternative but also as a condiment for baked fish, potatoes

or falafel.


Or try this grilled carrots salad with an avocado mint twist for something that will catch your family or dinner guests by surprise. 

Carrots and fennel join aromatic forces in this winning recipe for cast-iron roast chicken.

Head straight to SOVA Farms for some of their organic chicken which they sell whole and in parts.


MOMO Dressing is here with their bento boxes and panoply of condiments from sesame to ginger and ponzu. And of course, their bento boxes, new this year, which never disappoint. 

Grace Baccay, of New Castle Scone is here for her once-monthly if you are a fan, hit her up early as she tends to run out. 

Heading to a wedding this month? Charles Lazarus of The Misshapened Bowl is bringing some new bowls made with Honey Locust wood. The pink heartwood and yellow tan sapwood make for a beautiful bowl, he says. He's also bringing a rare "potted plant bowl" which has the shape of a clay pot with saucer and is made of local cherry. One of a kind, just like all of his creations.

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