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Curing those Back to School blues

How do you soften the blow of summer ending and school starting? With a cookie from Hallie's Baking Co. in the lunch-box...that's how.

Hallie's is back at the market this week. Started by two entrepreneurial sisters, Ashley and Chelsea Cox, who love baking and baking together, Hallie's Baking Co., is named for the frisky lab-mix dog they rescued together.

They specialize in cookies that are thick, gooey, dense and so good  they will eclipse all others. What's more, they are made with organic ingredients. And, their cookies are also as big as their hearts - so big, in fact, siblings will happily share.

Also good for the lunchbox, a classic caprese sandwich - made with Wave Hill's rustic French Country sliced bread and Joe Tomato's Miracle mozzarella. A buckwheat chocolate cake/cookie from Bien Cuit, and those giant, ultra-sweet peaches from Wright's Farm, could also help fuel your soccer kids before practice.

And how do adults celebrate summer's swan song and a return to schedules and carpools? How about a refreshing cocktail made with some KAS Krupnikas honey liqueur. Marushka has added a couple of dates to her CFM calendar because you made her feel so welcome the last time. Stock up on lemons: this Polish palliative makes the perfect Bee's Knees.

VN TO GO is adding an extra visit this month so pick up some "end-of" summer rolls for a Labor Free Labor day. Should you feel like toiling over a grill we can also help you out with rib-eye steak from Farm EATS, plump, herbaceous sausages from Stone & Thistle, and juicy pork chops from Letterbox Farm.

And plenty of Pura Vida fish, of course. Swordfish is great for kebabs.

If you are going to grill steak, do yourself a favor and smother them in a blistered cherry tomato "salsa" This is especially good with flank or skirt steak. This dish should be on every one's dinner rotation, so don't let summer pass (and tomatoes disappear) without preparing it at least once. Or, take advantage of eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers overlapping at the market fleetingly to make the perfect ratatouille.

On the heels of last week's hummus success, True Food is trying a new flavor this week: a golden turmeric hummus made with fresh turmeric root, ginger & lemon.

See you at the market!

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