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Cooling Ceviche and Proud Parents

In the heat of last week’s market, several of us enjoyed the ready-made ceviche and seafood salads at Pura Vida. Their salesperson, Marsha, is a doll. She is a teacher by trade and that's reflected in her artful catch-of-the-day chalkboard and how quick she is to offer forks to anyone who buys a salad

Ceviche is an ideal warm-weather food solution which lends itself to imaginative variations and seasonality. This Scallop Ceviche with Plums, for example, is the perfect way to highlight both the beautiful plums flooding the Caradonna Farms tables and the sweet and plump scallops Pura Vida is known for.

If you don’t eat fish, here is another option for Vegan Cauliflower Ceviche. The market is lush now with so many possibilities to use: cauliflower, corn, cucumbers, peppers, radishes, tomatoes, zucchini, celery, plums, peaches, nectarines, berries, olives, onions, garlic and herbs. Serve it as a salad over Black Creek’s organic mixed greens or Fresh Meadow Farms’ crisp organic heads of red and green romaine.

There are plenty of breads at the market this week to accompany your ceviche. Take the time to see the unique choices from each one: beautiful and tasty gluten-free options at Bohemian Baked, signed signature sourdough at Bella’s Bake Shop, authentic Italian loaves from Wave Hill, the famous ferments from Bien Cuit, and 123 Dough’s ancient grains.

Liquid Fables returns with their perfect summer farm fresh cocktails. I’ve become a fast fan of their Tortoise and the Hare Vodka Cocktail with Lemon & Mint. Stop by their tent for samples and stories. Also check out Cooper’s Daughter Spirits, a woman-owned and family-operated distillery sourcing foraged and farmed Hudson Valley ingredients to make seasonal, small batch spirits.

We’re thrilled to introduce a new, plant-based food truck to our Morning Glory Markets family. Carlos Alonso, of XOLO, crafts exquisite Mexican favorites with a twist: they are completely meat-free though you'd never know it. Treat yourself to a breakfast burrito or torta or “carnitas” taco made with shredded mushrooms; you will not believe the depth and flavor of his vegetarian creations! For the time being, XOLO accepts only cash so plan accordingly!

Westchester Living Team/Compass Realty, is again sponsoring face-painting, glitter tattoos and henna at the market this Saturday from 10am until noon. Bedazzle your young ones, (or yourself!), then rock out to the sounds of School of Rock Bedford House Band in the music tent. Members include local Chappaqua students Scarlett Hanlon, Lena and Michael Del Toro (whose father Joe is one of our much appreciated CFM board members), and Ollie Baccay (whose mother Grace will also be selling her popular New Castle Scones at the market this week).

Lindsey is back with her incredible Tommy Jams in three flavors (Provence, a little spicy and spicier). These jams are truly the condiment you didn't know you needed - before you tried it.

Finally, big CONGRATULATIONS to board member Renee Badigian and her husband Greg on the birth of their son Max. Also to proud mama Laura, of Spain at Home, whose daughter Sophia has also arrived. We love welcoming new members to our market family!

See you on Saturday...

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