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Caramel apples & “carnitas” tacos this week

Saturday should be the perfect sunny day to take in the fall colors at the market: those flooding the produce bins and the majestic trees that tower over us in the South Lot.

Dough Co. Bagels returns and this time, Josh Small promises to bring at least twice as many bagels as he brought last time. At only 25, this Chappaqua native is quickly making a name for himself with his hand-rolled bagels. Not only does he use local flour and malt, but he mills the malt himself. What else makes these bagels so good? “Too often (commercial) bagels are the same consistency throughout – spongy,” Josh says. “I work really hard to make sure the bagel exterior and interior have a contrasting texture.” Indeed his bagels are crisp on the outside and pillowy on the inside. This week, in the spirit of keeping things local and delicious he will be spreading bagels with McGrath Cheese Co.’s queso fresco.

Our vegan bakery, Bohemian Baked, also makes bagels in addition to her cookies and muffins. Baker Nancy Hagggerty has seen her customer base grow so much over the past couple of years that we thought it was high time we offered some savory vegan options for our vegan shoppers who cannot live on Nancy’s treats alone. (Or can they?) Enter Urban Bohemian (no, they are not related and what’s the deal with bohemia going hand in hand with veganism?) This new catering business is the brainchild of Alison and Tommy Philp who were keen farmers-market shoppers themselves before they stepped to the other side of the table under the tent. Combined, they’ve been eating and cooking a vegan/plant-based diet for over 40 years and have learned how to prepare vegan cuisine that is packed with rich flavor, using local ingredients, of course. Their goal is to attract not only the vegan community but also people who are curious about plant-based living or who just enjoy delicious food. You must try their lasagna!

We are awash in squash at the market right now. I’m always looking for new ways to cook butternut squash and plan to try this butternut squash and green bean stew this weekend. I may also pick up some pasta from La Trafila and kale from Fresh Meadow Farm to make this winter squash and kale pasta that looks to be a real crowd-pleaser.

This is the busiest time of year for our favorite confectioner, Michele Kim, of La Petite Occasion. She has been churning out tray upon tray of caramel apples to bring to market and get the Halloween season kick-started. Made with local apples and with top notch local creamery butter and Syracuse salt these really are a cut above anything you might find at a country fair or street festival. They make great gifts, too, in their pretty cellophane wrapping.

Lucky us... the predicted frost just missed Stars of the Meadow Farm so we get to see Marybeth one more time. Last week she sold out of 60 bunches of dahlias by 10:30 so get these blooming beauties while you can!

Local grain, fruit, botanicals, and tree syrups are the foundation for Cooper’s Daughter’s seasonal batch spirits. They make their barrels by hand on site to age their popular bourbon and whiskey. This week they are bringing a raspberry and black pepper liqueur, a complex, deep red aperitif made with local raspberries and freshly cracked black pepper for some palatal excitement. Enjoy this on ice, with bubbles or, stir into your favorite crisp, dry NY cider to welcome fall. It’s the perfect cocktail to serve with the new Jacuterie charcuterie products Sova Farm is now bringing.

The XOLO FOOD truck returns with some of the best Mexican food I’ve had this side of the border. Their breakfast burrito is truly standout. I hesitate to tell you that this truck is 100 percent vegetarian because I worry that might turn people away. Trust me, there is nothing “lacking” in Carlos Alonso’s dishes.

See you at the market!

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