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Cake in a jar, farm pride and lots of leeks

Every year, come autumn, Nichki from Letterbox Farm, scampers up a nearby hill to take a wide, overview shot of Letterbox Farm. Each year, the photo captures stunning burnished leaf colors, yes, but also how much the farm has grown since they first hung their shingle in 2013. She admits it's a bit sappy, but this annual photograph makes her so proud. We thought we'd share this year's picture with you taken earlier this week. 

If you haven't tasted her Hakureii turnips, get some this weekend. 

The Hakurei, or Tokyo turnip is a member of the Brassica family. This Japanese variety is sometimes referred to as a "salad" turnip because it's so delicious raw and eaten out of hand. Their flavor is a cross between a radish and a turnip with a hint of apple. They really rock a crudites platter with hummus. However, they are also grand simply sauteed, with their greens, which are also edible and tasty.

Fort Hill Farm is bringing in loads of leeks. I try to always have leeks on hand in my fridge. I always use them instead of onions for my base when making soups or sauces and even risotto. I even like to finely scissor leeks onto the cloud of yogurt or cultured cream from McGrath Cheese Co. in my baked potatoes. They make everything taste more elegant. Here's a lengthy list of recipes featuring leeks, including the ultra classic potato leek soup. I am looking forward to making roasted chicken thighs with leeks, peas and mint.

Auzerais Bellamy of Blondery is back with her exquisite bite-size blondies and her cake in a jar which you MUST pre-order if you want to stand a chance of bringing one home from the market.

Cooperstown Cheese is bringing lots of goat cheese from Jones Farm as well as their hard raw milk cheeses. Their Jersey Girl is particularly fine this week says the cheesemonger. Always listen to the cheesemonger.

See you at the market!

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