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Bok choy, saucisson sec and who is that French nun at the market?

People are talking about Sister Marie Magdalene. More specifically, her gorgeous fruit tarts, her ample, flavorful quiches and her classic French butter cookies. Sister Marie Magdalene comes to us (in a big blue van) from the Fraternite of Notre Dame in NYC. She bakes (and bakes) for both the Hastings and Chappaqua farmers markets and all of the proceeds from her market sales go to the soup kitchen associated with her Church.

Her fruit tarts are just like the ones you'd expect to find in a Parisian patisserie: the classic open faced tarte aux pommes fanned out with delicate, caramelized apple slices. And, the popular strawberry and kiwi tart with a light creme patissiere filling. The other day I saw a woman buy four of her quiches at one time. "They are that good," said the woman as she walked away, balancing two boxes in each hand.

Pick up one of her tarts (and a rhubarb pie from Pie Lady & Son) for your Memorial Day barbecue. Of course, there will be everything else you need for the inaugural grill of the season - from pork chops and chicken thighs and gorgeous cuts of meaty fish.

Have you seen the beautiful baby bok choy at the market the last couple of weeks? I can't get enough of it. So easy to saute or braise with just a bit of garlic and ginger. Or to steam and dress with the MOMO Dressing of your choice. Serve with some grilled or poached fish and you've got a quick and easy spring dinner on your table in minutes. Both Fort Hill Farm and Growing Hearts are bringing lots to market so I looked up a few recipes beyond just stir-fry. I am looking forward to making this recipe for soba noodle with wilted bok choy soon!

This week, we have a lovely surprise for you. Not only is DoughNation back for a third weekend but we are bringing back an old favorite vendor - Nutmeg, formerly known as What's For Dessert. They've added beautiful salads, many with grains, to their repertoire, which includes a very popular key-lime pie and fruit crostatas. They will be coming once a month.

Also here this week, Larchmont Charcuterie. Daniel Treboul, who makes all of his charcuterie himself, is particularly pleased with his most recent saucisson sec recipe. He has been tweaking it all winter long, he says, and he thinks he has finally "nailed" it. Buy one or two to put out for your company this weekend. And don't forget to buy one of his coarse country pates, too.

See you at the market!

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