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Bento boxes, brats and blooms!

Saturday's forecast looks to be 20 degrees warmer than last Saturday's. Not that the cold damp weather kept you away.

Thank you for coming out in such large numbers and for being so hardy. The vendors were thrilled to see so many familiar faces, albeit behind masks and under umbrellas.

As you know, our anchor vendors come every Saturday from May through Thanksgiving, but some of our specialty vendors come on a rotating basis so there will always be a new face at the market each week.

This week you can expect MOMO Dressing, one of our market darlings, known for their clean and flavorful Asian sauces from ginger to sesame, always perfect as a dressing or dip for your market greens. This season, they are trying something new: Bento Boxes.

Joe Tomato could not make the market last Saturday but he returns this week with his creamy, fresh mozzarella balls made in the wee hours and his classic caprese sandwiches.

Noble Pies will be here on the first and third Saturday of each month. Every week they will feature two market specials, one savory, one sweet. They have also started making sweet and savory scones and lots to look forward to from the Noble tent.

Also coming every first and third Saturday, Hillrock Estate Bourbon.

Mangalitsa by Mosefund is bringing a bevy of sausages, including cheese brats and fennel sausage. Try serving with wilted mustard greens from Growing Heart Farm.

And, of course Stars of the Meadow is bringing more tulips and Caradonna Farms more flowering plants, for all of your home beautification needs. Want to look out your kitchen window and see tomatoes come August? Fort Hill Farm has everything you need for your vegetable and herb garden.

Hive Juice is fully stocked on Jungle Plum juice, beet-red to keep you in the pink.

Our pretzel vendor, Knot of this World, was a big hit last week! They promise to bring more - of everything - this Saturday. Love that they can heat up your pretzel in a panini press on the spot. Nice touch.

Raasa Indian Cuisine is our prepared-food guest vendor this week. They are sponsored by CRE (Council on Race and Equity).

You will be seeing a lot of radishes at the market in the next few weeks. Tired of eating them raw in a crudites platter? Try this recipe for butter-stewed radishes.

Perfect with a baked piece of fish of Pura Vida or Premier Pastures rib-eye on the grill.

See you at the market!

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