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This month usually brings a bit more of a schedule and more routine back into our lives; not such a bad thing after the rudderless days of summer. We’re here to help with some market-inspired meals to assist with your transition.

One of our most faithful shoppers and fans, Bonnie Gale, recently shared her favorite roast chicken preparation. What’s more basic – and comforting – than roast chicken? Her go-to Roast Chicken with Maple Butter and Rosemary may become a favorite of yours as well. SOVA Farm and R&M Meats will set you up with your bird and all you have to do is choose your favorite vegetable and herb combination from the beautiful late-summer bounty filling the produce bins right now.

For a vegetarian verve, how about Smashed Zucchini with Pesto & Burrata?

Or this Savory Tomato Crisp using River Valley Community Grain oats?

123 Dough is also back for their monthly visit and sharing their take on Sourdough Panzanella. Watch their preparation and get their recipe.

Have you discovered the vegetarian deliciousness of the XOLO Mexican plant based food truck? They’re back this week with those amazing burritos, tacos and refreshing agua fresca.

Basically, it all started with the apple, or so they say! This time of year, I love to buy a bag of various varieties of crisp, juicy market apples and snack on them all week long. It's fun to compare and contrast. They're the ultimate grab-n-go snack, too.

La Trafila Pasta returns from their holiday break, so restock your pasta and try out this Pasta with Apples, Sausage and Gorgonzola. SOVA Farm and R&M Farm offer sausage choices too.

Already missing, or looking forward to, that island get-away? Visiting vendor Piton Trading Corporation Candles is a local (Pelham), minority owned business focused on bringing the aura of the tropics into your home through their hand-poured soy candles.

After dealing with debilitating heat in August, our farmers, like the hard-working crew at Orchard Hill Organics, have been racing to get their fall crops in before the weather window closes.

The second Saturday of the month means Ready Set Sharp can take care of all your sharpening needs; drop, then shop, and they’re usually ready as you exit.

As you sort through seasonal clothing changes, remember Green Tree Recycling collects unwanted textile material, including clothing, shoes, accessories and household linens, that would otherwise end up in our already overburdened landfills. Some of the clothing is donated to charity partners, others sourced to fiber and rag manufacturers. Nothing enters the waste stream. Their recycling services support people who are disadvantaged and in transition. Bring your unwanted clothes bagged, even single socks, to deposit in the bin at the front of the market each week.

See you on Saturday!

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