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Did you know that the Chinese were the first to cultivate apricots and that silk dealers are credited for the spread of apricots westward, starting with Iran then, eventually, to ancient Greece and Rome? The Romans were so impressed by how early these blush-colored fruit ripened compared to other stone fruit, they named it “praecocium” (precocious) which led to the term “apricot.”

In his book, Les Fruits de France (1925) Henri LeClerc wrote extensively about the apricot's “penetrating scent” and he said the small fruit's flesh was “evocative of the fragrances of the Orient mixed with the straightforward smells of the French countryside.”

All this to say this heady fruit with a fascinating history will be at the market this week in spades. And our farmers say they are particularly sweet this year.

All the more reason to use them in savory preparations as in this lusty appetizer platter made with grilled apricots burrata, ham and arugula. You can get your burrata from Bambino Ravioli, and your ham from Goode & Local which carries Iberico-style ham. No doubt you have your favorite source for arugula at the market. Or you can try making a chicken and chicken and apricot tagine using chicken from SOVA Farm.

Or if you want to stay on the apricot's sweet side, consider making an apricot clafoutis. Clafoutis is a flan-like cake that is traditionally studded with cherries. But you can also make this delicious dessert with apricots and other stone fruit, in which case it is technically called a “flaugnarde.”

Or you can make classic apricot bars to take to the pool or the beach or drop in your kids' camp lunchbox. You can even get your flour and oats from River Valley Community Grain, here for their once a month visit.

This just in from Stars of the Meadow Flower Farm: the snapdragons will be plentiful this week and the sunflowers are finally here!

Other rotating vendors you don't want to miss: Ready Set Sharp, our resident knife sharpener, Broken Bow Brewery, Ash Hopper Soap (their artful and eco-friendly soaps make the BEST hostess gifts) and Bella's Bake Shop with their festive macarons and gorgeous loaves.

See you at the market!

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