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Apples to eat (and drink) and lobster, too

The Dobbs Ferry Lobster Guys are back this week and since they sold out by 10 a.m. last time they were here, they promise to bring lots more lobster!

Since we're past the season of lobster bakes, consider making this spicy lobster pasta or this lobster stew. Serve with a slice of 123 Dough sourdough and cue angels singing.

Larchmont Charcuterie's paté de campagne, laced with Cognac, just keeps getting better and better each season. My French mother can't get enough of it. That's saying A LOT. 

Neversink Spirits has a new apple aperitif that is so good they are having trouble keeping it in stock (hint: pre-order this one!) Made in the style of Pommeau de Normandie, the Apple Apéritif is made from a blend of Neversink's house-distilled aged apple brandy and fresh-pressed bittersweet apples, then aged for 18 months in white wine barrels. Bottled at 21.25% abv, it's delicious for sipping (serve slightly chilled) or in a spritz.

Speaking of apples, Caradonna Farms is bringing their first batch of Macoun apples on Saturday. The Macoun is related to the Honey Crisp. It has a very firm snow-white flesh that is sweet and hints of berry. It is also quite juicy which makes it great for sauce. 

Premier Pastures now has whole fresh chickens  (in addition to pork and lamb) that folks are raving about. Has it been a while since you've gathered around a roast chicken at your table? Here's a step-by-step guide courtesy of Melissa Clark. Are you beyond the primer stage? Then give the Zuni Cafe Chicken that Chef Judy Rodgers made famous a try. Serve with smashed potatoes and sautéed baby kale from Growing Hearts Farm and you're set!

Dough Nation is back this week. Come this time of year, I love to see what Rob chooses to put on his "market-" inspired pie.

Time to cut back your peonies! Let the knife sharpener show some love to your pruning shears this week.

See you at the market!

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